[2000] Shin Getter Robo tai Neo Getter Robo OP by MechaHeroesChannel

Title: Storm | Artist: Jam Project | Series: Shin Getter v/s Neo Getter | Year: 2000


It's hard to remember, but in a long time we'll call the 1990s anime was dark and bleak, everything was a deconstruction, every MC had mommy issues. This could probably be traced to the success of Evangelion back in 1995-1996. around that time Martian Succesor Nadesico, came around to mock yet another trope of the hotblooded hero, it did so with a parody series called Gegiganger 3, a throwback to 70s mecha shows.

This parody though ignited the love for a genre that had been missing for almost a decade, and as a result the late 90s were filled with throwbacks to this genre. such animes produced by Dynamic animation studios, manned by no other than the great Go Nagai, brought back their big guns and celebrated the 25th anniversary of one of its flagship products Getter Robot with these 4 ovas. celebrating the greatness of the mecha genre.


Watching and listening to the song, one can not help but cheer, we see our Her o Gou, running to get in his mecha, we hear trumpets and horns and the piercing voices of Jam Project super group demanding we smile, just as the pilots of this series smile while piloting their mechs.

Whats not to like, if a giant robot dinosaur attacked your city, would you rather be against him on 200ton giant mechanoid or would you rather be running towards a useless shelter, to try and be spared until the next time.


I've been influenced by the recklessness and heroism of these pilots, more so than I wish to admit, and even between all the cheese, the reconstructions and the deconstruction I will cheer for a good mecha smackdown, thats why I bought 4 copies of Pacific Rim, and that's why Ilove this op and series.

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