Title: Brilliant Road | Artist: Angela | Show: Uchuu no Stellvia

Stellvia is another of my favourite shows, and again because it takes what has been done before and approaches it from a different angle, possibly making you think along the way. It's a post-apocalyptic story without the dystopia, an action story without an enemy. It shows humanity at its best and at its potential worst, managing to be idealistic about what we could accomplish as a species yet remaining realistic about what we are as a species at the same time.

Fundamentally however, it's a coming of age story, not just for the characters but also for humanity as a race. With all the pain and uncertainty that involves, nicely assissted by the variance of music through the series. Unlike most series which might change their ED after a while, Stelliva makes use of two depending on the tone the episode in question finishes upon; a happy, bouncy track is the mainstay, occasionally supplemented by one more appropriate to "Oh God, we're all going to die." And the fast-paced determination of the OP, the feature of this OP/ED article, itself comes in a much slower, almost mournful variant, contrasting the fervour and zest of adolescence and life in general with the inevitable times you will fail and end up hurt.

Or, y'know, cool drums.