You don't get to be a kid for very long, but across the time that you do, the person who you'll eventually become is amalgamating constantly. Specific traditions and mannerism gradually take form as you create bonds with the things that influenced you. These influences, being from the past and sparking intense memories, are referred to as nostalgic entities. Nostalgia can be easily found throughout your memory bank, but there are always a few things that will spark more intensely than others.

Luckily I was introduced to anime at a very young age, so it was something that was assuredly going to stick to me for a long time, but it wasn't until I watched my first episode of Naruto that I knew anime would take over my life.


Naruto has been with me now for the better part of 10 years. No matter how well the show is doing at this day and age, nostalgia blooms for me from its past. In particular, the second opening is what set me off. This opening means more to me than anything else that has been presented in the entertainment world. You could almost say this opening, and the whole series for that matter, is something that shaped my life. Many things about me are the way they because of this, such as moral decisions and interests.


According to Ken's rule of having an OP/ED that has been made at least a decade ago, I chose the following. I hope you enjoy the 4:3 goodness.

Title: Haruka Kanata | Artist: Asian Kung-fu Generation| Anime: Naruto