Title: Karma | Artist: KID | Visual Novel: Ever 17

Description: This is a track that plays at the very end of Tsugumi's ending, and is one of the most touching, impactful songs I've seen in the whole genre with its amazing piano.

Why I picked it: If there's a song that evokes feels out of me the most, it's this one, and because Ever 17 came out in 2002 originally in Japan and 2005 for NA, it was pretty much a shoe in for the Retro/Nostalgia Week thing we're having this month (and because Uchikoshi's new anime, Punchline reminded me of it ^.^). Perfectly timed at the most touching ending of the game, this song smacks you with a feelz hammer and amazing piano… it's well played, well executed, extremely memorable, and just one of my favorite tracks ever. When you think of Ever 17, you think of Karma. It's that memorable, it's that great, and I love it. (Probably doesn't do much to those who haven't played the game though...)


Title: LeMU ~Distant Continent of Lemuria~| Artist: KAORI | Visual Novel: Ever 17


Description: This is the opening to one of my favorite Visual Novels out there, Ever 17 – The Out of Infinity, and it's a calming yet forbidding OP that gets me every time I played the game.

Why I picked it: It's the OP to one of my favorite games, and the one I saw quite often, so I kinda have to mention it if I'm doing an OP/ED of Ever 17.... I've grown quite fond it's its serenity and vocals over the years, and it's one that I really like. Not the best out there sound wise, but it's one I really like, the visuals that go along with it are pretty solid and it fits extremely well with the game.


PS: Ever 17's had several OPs, and they're all pretty good. I thought I might as well share them as well. I actually have grown fond of the 360 one quite a bit, liking it a bit more than the original PC version as it fits so well...and it sounds so pleasing to the ear. The PSP one is quite nice too, but I haven't listened to it too much.