Title: Duvet | Artist: Bôa | Show: Serial Experiments Lain

So, here's something a bit different, and quite possibly one of my favorite OP's out there. From the 90's psychological mindscrew known as Serial Experiments Lain, the music and the visuals perfectly capture everything about this show: It's confusing, trippy, serine, interesting, etc... it's really great and I love it.


Quite odd for an anime, the song used for Lain's OP is from a British band called Boa (no, not the Boa you are probably thinking of): it's my favorite English OP, and one of my favorite OP's of all time. It sound so great, it's presented so well, it's just gold. I could sing praises all day, but really, the song sings for itself. It sets the mood perfectly and it struck a cord with me... this OP is the reason why I watched this show, and I don't regret a single thing about it. Really, if you haven't heard this one before, you really should. It's fantastic.


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