Illustration: はるのいぶき (講談社ラノベ文庫)

Our protagonist Ataru is just a normal high school student who plays the current popular Soshage* Onna Kishi Collection which features female knights. Till one morning he goes through his daily free gacha pulls and the character Cocoa, out of the game appears, right in front of him. While his new guest is getting used to the unfamiliar world, monsters from the game start to appear in the real world and he pulls two more girls (Altia & Lyra) in the gacha.

Now they have to fight the appearing monsters while searching for the reason why they got summoned into the real world and so on. The games story is on hold at the moment, since the third chapter got pushed back for quality assurance reasons. This is pretty much the setting that is established in the first volume of the series. In the second volume part of the real world starts changing into the game world.

There is a lot that we learn about the game world, that isn’t told in the game itself, from the heroines and their stories. The game setting and what happened inside it tends to be important to what is happening in the real world.

Ataru is usually only slightly involved in the battles considering he has no special powers. As most people would probably already have guessed from the Soshage setting that there will be some sort of Harem. This also means that there will be a certain kind of Fanservice in the series, but nothing that is pushing as far as some other recent series.

Besides the 3 heroines he pulled with his free gacha tries there is also his childhood friend Shino that is more central in the second volume than in the first where she feels more like a side character. So far there aren’t too much heroines in it, there are just 4 and they are quite different from each other in their personalities.


The whole cast of Onna Kishi Collection.
Illustration: はるのいぶき (講談社ラノベ文庫)

The monsters that appear are generally the kind that would appear in any usual JRPG and besides our heroines coming from a game world there aren’t much game things to come over into the real world. So don’t expect there to be quests in the real world or something similar.

There are a lot of works where someone gets pulled into a different world, but there aren’t as much where it’s the other way around. (There is nothing that comes to my mind at the moment actually.) Still there isn’t anything that makes it completely stand out from a lot of other series that work with a Harem, Battles and adopting some sort of game elements into it’s narrative.


Still the reason why I decided to write about it is that it’s a really well done work. It accomplishes what it sets out to do which is being a compelling and entertaining read. It’s written in a smooth style that just makes you turn another page and another. (I did read most of the second volume yesterday so there’s that.) The pacing is good and the battles don’t drag on, there is usually some Slice of Life in between those and we get to know more of the heroines.

I was seriously happy when I did see the announcement for the second volume, since after reading the first volume I thought that the series got dropped. I have no idea whether there will be a third volume. From the setting it would be possible to set more volumes in this word. Even if the second volume is the last the ending of it is satisfying enough, though I’d rather spend more time with the characters.

I would say the series is worth a look for people who like other works that are similar in content and want something that does the whole thing well. Most of the people who would like this probably already know that they like this kind of work. There’s also the fact that the series currently only contains 2 volumes and not 20+ so it’s rather quick to consume what is already released of Onna Kishi Collection. I for sure liked the series a lot more than I expected going into it.


The author Mikado Tetsurou actually wrote plenty of books (according to Wikipedia 32 to be precisely and most of them Light Novels) and all in the 1-3 volume range. He also wrote for plenty of different labels & publishers. I would assume most people hearing his name the first time even though his first work was published in 2009, since popular series mostly tend to contain more volumes than any series that he did.

Illustrations are done by Harunoibuki who hasn’t done much Light Novel work besides Onna Kishi Collection, there is only another Light Novel which just came out. Haruonoibuki did plenty of Illustrations for other media and is publishing 18+ dounjishi under the circle name Lunatic*Maiden.

*Soshage is short for Social Game and the category titles like Kantai Collection and Fate/Grand Order and a ton more fall into.


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