#18 When you think it’s finally over, and then...

Television programs and movies show the credits to signify that they have ended (of course captain obvious). The credits roll, and this joint is done. Though, you do get the occasional post credits scene; usually either to tease or hype what is to come, or to have an extra bonus scene just because. However only in anime do these end credits actually mean jack sh**.

Let us turn our attention to a little anime known as Kinmoza, as an example. Kinmoza is your typical moe, comedy, that also heavily features that much needed yuri subtext. The show is basically about Alice, a blonde exchange student from England, who lives with her best friend, Shino, in Japan. Shino is obsessed with blonde hair and foreigners, while Alice is obsessed with Japanese culture and Shino, so you can probably see where this goes. Anyway, if you like watching moe anime, you’ll probably love this. Now let’s get back to the topic on hand, which is that anime doesn’t care if you play the end credits, it means nothing.

Episode 9 of the series best exemplifies this. This episode plays out like any other episode of the show; Alice and Shino along with all their friends doing whatever it is they do till the credits start playing. However, after these credits, this happens:


Now, I remember when I first watched this thinking, “They can’t possibly do a full game of hide and seek in about a minute can they?” (I say a minute because that’s typically about how long I’ve ever seen a post credits scene go on, with two and a half minutes being the longest). Well, I was right because that game of hide and seek was shown in five minutes. By that point, it’s not really a post credits scene anymore. The show basically kept on going on even after the credits rolled. Which in Kinmoza’s case, isn’t really a bad thing because that means there’s more Kinmoza to watch. Although this does beg the question, why not just include this in the episode normally? They could have just as easily had this as the last skit, played the credits, and ended like any other show. Instead Kinmoza says “Screw that, you don’t tell us when to stop. We’re not going to conform to your normal ways. In fact, were just going to keep on going because we can.” Look the point is only in anime when it looks like something has ended, it really hasn’t. Like at all.

Man it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these things, and boy do I miss it. I’ll definitely try to do these a bit more frequently, so until then.

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Man do I love Kinmoza. It’s just a show to watch if you ever feel down, disappointed, or salty for any reason; like if the Chargers keep losing close games. You know what, I guess I’ll re-watch some of it. I’m in that kind of mood. Oh look, episode 12, last one of the first season. I remember this one, it was about (semi spoiler if you somehow care about stuff like that for a show like this) Alice moving to a new class room different from Shino, and Alice dealing with the disappointment because of it. It ends with their other friend, Yoko, making Alice realize it doesn’t matter that she’s in a different class, they will always still be friends. Oh look the credits are playing. Weird, this episode felt short, but whatever. I guess that’s Kinmoza.


Let me just check if there’s any extra time, because you know that would mean there’s probably a post credits scene after this.

Wait a minute… Do you see anything wrong with this picture? (And do you realize what I’m actually doing?) Yes, on the last episode of Kinmoza, about eight minutes in they actually start playing the end credits.


They’re not even at the half way point, they start showing the credits when only a little over 1/3 of the episode is actually done. And this being the 12th episode, they have an end credits sequence that make it feel like it’s the end. That means instead of showing the normal animation you see in the ED, they have scenes with dialogue that make it feel like the show is wrapping up, while the credits roll. They even have those moments you see in last episodes where they just show the characters in photos, so this is a legit ending credit sequence to conclude this series.

After the “credits” end, you realize there is still about 13 minutes left in this episode, and those 13 minutes pretty much play out like any other episode of Kinmoza. Except this one is also a quasi-musical, so Yes! This leads me to conclude one of two things. Either Kinmoza has no concept of what ending credits are; or Kinmoza has set the record for the longest post credits scene/sequence of all time.


Either way, only in anime (and probably this article) does stuff like that happen. To quote a blue, naked, God like being, “Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends.”