Only in Anime #17: Eyes closed characters

#17 Eyes that never Open

Keep your eyes wide open or you’ll miss the things right in front of you. Unfortunately if you’re from an anime, that might not actually be an option. Only in anime are characters cursed with the in-ability to let anyone see their pupils, forced to forever hide them behind their permanently shut eye lids.

Character with shut eyes are rather common in anime. In fact this phenomenon is exclusive to anime only, as the only characters outside of it who I have seen always have their eyes shut are usually dead. Some other “research” (google) says characters with this appearance are typically wise. Characters with shut eyes can come in many forms. They can be;

Big sister types:


Big sisters obsessed with their little sisters:

For some reason they can also have glasses:


Anyway you get the point, anyone can be one.

One unique characteristic of these types of characters is their uncanny ability to perfectly see despite having their eye lids closed all the time. Now some might point out that they don’t really have their eyes shut, they just have squinting eyes so it only looks like they are closed. However that would be less fun to believe and would ruin the magic. Think of it like this; since it’s the holidays would you really tell someone like this:


Along with all the other kids in the world who still believe, that Santa doesn’t exist? Unless you’re a monster, of course you wouldn’t. So screw it, keep the magic alive and and join me in believing that their eyes are always closed.

Now occasionally these types of characters do open their eyes, for a bit; usually to express shock, fear, and among other emotions. Other times it’s because shit is about to get real.


But come on, let’s be honest here. Only having your eyes open under certain conditions doesn’t count. How does one even live like that for that matter?


Here are some other examples of characters like this. Probably the most memorable to those who lived in the 90’s:


Actually, does this one count? Sure he has a power called the “All Seeing Eyes of God” but when you think about it, he really only uses them when he needs to. So why not? Leo Watch is an eyes closed characters:


To conclude, here are some other things to think about in regards to these types of characters:

  • If you pit two of them against each other, how long do you think a staring contest would take?
  • They must save a lot on eye drops.
  • Most eye doctors say don’t sleep with contact lenses on so…
  • A hardcore cosplayer would have to wear there costumes with their eyes closed the whole time.
  • How can you tell when one of these characters are sleeping? Or worse, if they are dead?

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