I know that last time I said this would be the finale for card games. Well I lied. Just like Blood Blockade Battlefront’s finale, it will be delayed. Hell, maybe I’ll hold off on it till their finale airs, whenever that will be. For now let’s ignore card games and focus on a whole other topic.

Parents. They are the creators of almost any person that’s ever born. Caretakers and providers for their kids, they are supposed to look out for them for almost a good two decades of their lives. That is unless your parents are from anime, than maybe they’re not so keen on the whole “looking out for you” part. Or maybe they do “look out” for their kids, just not really in the way you or the characters would expect. Or perhaps you have terrible parents like this:

Anime has parents unlike any other. Only in anime can you have parents who don’t exist, or parents who are also your wingman.

#15 Anime parents = best parents?

Now there are many types of parents that appear in anime, from extremely abusive to extremely dotting, to many more; but for time’s sake well examine the two types aforementioned.


Parents who don’t exist

Some kids might complain that their parents aren’t usually there for them due to reasonable things like work. Besides death however, in some anime, parents really aren’t there for their kids at all. Some reasons may include:

•Works over seas

•Parent(s) shipped child to boarding school

•Parent(s) journeys to find one’s self

•Parent died for a couple of years, came back to life, saved the world, and then decided that instead of being a dad, to train the good reincarnation of the guy he just saved the world from, therefore abandoning his kids twice (or is it three times?) in their life.


•Romantic getaway

•Vacation (which if that is the case you should probably read this Baka Guide if you have not already; and if you haven’t, what’s wrong with you?)


Whatever the reason maybe, as a result teenagers in anime end up living on their own. Now process that for a second. Parents in anime trust their kids enough to let them live without them. That’s not something you commonly see in the west, probably due to cultural differences, and probably the actual legality might have something to do with it (in the US you need to be emancipated from your family).


Another example of parents, or this case parent, who don’t exist can be found in the Pokémon series. Rather it be the game, the manga, or the anime; every ten year old in that series is allowed to go on a journey and travel the world without parental supervision. Actually if you’re the protagonist, I’m pretty sure almost all the time you don’t even have a dad. Unrelated side note, but perhaps every Pokémon protagonist is Jesus? After all in every game you catch all the legendaries and defeat everyone you ever battle. At one point even capturing a Pokemon that’s basically God. Anyway, this perfectly summarizes almost every Pokémon protagonist:


Parents as your wingman

If you’re a character fortunate enough to have parents that are there, then maybe you also have a parent/guardian that is also your wingman. Usually in life most kids have problem attracting the object of their affection, and the most common thing kids do then is ask their parents for advice. In anime however, parents take a different approach to helping their child; a more direct one.


The phrase, “Please make my boy a man,” is shockingly a common phrase among anime mothers when their sons introduce them to other females. While in anime this might be a problem to a character, if you’re a hormonal teenage boy, this might be ideal. Can you imagine how different any of the American Pie movies (even the bad ones) would be if the MC’s mom was an anime mom? You’ll pretty much find it’s a similar case with dads, so no further elaboration needed.


Sometimes it’s even common for another person’s parents to push the MC into getting with their child, rather it be to get them laid, or because of an arranged marriage, shocking to either one or both parties.

This mom casually gave away her son to the son’s school idol:


The point is some of the best wingmen ever aren’t only one’s best friend…


But instead the ones who raised you.

I’d like to remind you these were only two types of parents. Let’s not even get started on parents who are complete shit or super parents; that’s one for another time. Just remember that you will almost probably never have parents like these because it is only in anime.


List of characters pictured (in order):

Gendo Ikari from Evangelion

Goku from Dragon Ball

Miharu Mistuka from Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!

Komachi Takamiya from Witch Craft Works

Greatest Bro ever from Ore Monogatari!!

Special thanks to Krakken_Unleashed. I guess every September 8th is now AniTAY Parents day.


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