#13 This Happens in Card Game Anime

When we last left off, we discussed WIXOSS, with its messed up system on why they play, and how serious it can get. Now we return to Yu-Gi-Oh!. There are still many more things to talk about when it comes to card game anime, so let’s get back to things that happen Only in Anime.

Not playing by your own rules

Note this next section will make more sense if you know the basics of how to play. I will try to simplify it to make it easier to understand for those not familiar, but no guarantees.

Sometimes, these types of anime do things that definitely don’t happen in the real-life game. Let’s examine things that occur in episode 7 of the original Yu-Gi-Oh series as an example. In that episode, Yugi faces a fisherman named Mako. During that duel Mako uses the field spell Umi, to make the field an ocean to make all of his own sea-type monsters stronger. The only problem however is that he doesn’t actually play that card. For some reason, half of the field is an ocean and half of the field is land in order to conveniently give Mako the advantage right from the start.

Many unreal things occurs during the duel. The bullshit after the unfair start occurs when Mako summons a monster, because it somehow becomes hidden under the ocean, so Yugi is unable to see what his monsters are attacking. This is something which I can assure you almost no such mechanic exists in the actual game, so it shouldn’t even be a factor in the first place. Other nonsense that happens is when Yugi believes he can destroy Mako’s monsters using his Feral Imp, which uses electrical based attacks, and since water conducts electricity, that should easily beat Mako’s creatures. Well that doesn’t work because instead Mako plays Jellyfish which somehow happens to have magic that absorbs electric based attack. In reality the actual card has no such ability, and in addition that wouldn’t even matter since Yugi’s Feral Imp is clearly stronger than any of Mako’s monsters. There’s also none of this crap about element advantage, this isn’t Pokémon. But the show ignores this fact, and I’m pretty sure during the duel there are points where Mako’s weaker monsters are somehow able to destroy Yugi’s just because.


The best part of this episode is how Yugi actually wins the duel. Earlier in the duel Yugi equips mystic moon to one of his monsters. When that monster is destroyed, despite the fact that card is supposed to also be destroyed when his monster was, the mystic moon somehow still stays in play. At the end Yugi has one of his monsters attack the (illegally still in play) mystic moon, destroying it, which then causes Mako’s ocean to disappear due to the moon debris.

There is no real world equivalent in the actual game where this would even happen. If Yugi really wanted to get rid of the ocean, he should have used this:


Duel for marriage

In Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, there was at least one instance in each series where an opponent added the insane stipulation that the winner gets to marry a certain character. In real life, how would one even go about enforcing this? All the supposed fiancé would have to do is just say no. Would any court of law would actually let that fly? Imagine saying, “This person must marry me because I won a card game.” That’s basically what they are saying. Does duel monsters trump all in the legal system in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!?


Suspenseful chases... in a card game anime???

Let us go back on a previous episode of Yu-gi-oh that has already been discussed. During the intense duel between Yugi and Joey, there are two things that occur which I cannot ignore.

  1. During the episode, some of Yugi’s friends are chased down by a gang of duelists who steal rare cards, called rare card hunters (what a genius name). For some reason, Yugi’s friends run from them, which may sound smart, after all besides fighting what other choice do you have? However, note that they are running through a somewhat decently populated area in the city. For God’s sake you’re in a public; get help, call the police, there are other people, do something instead of just running.


Yugi’s friends are saved by the roll of a die. Or more like a throw of the dice. Hard apparently, because that is how they are literally rescued. Another one of Yugi’s friends comes out of nowhere, with little to no reason for actually being at that exact place, and simply throws dice at the attackers. Somehow enough for it to hurt the rare card hunters, and allow Yugi’s friends to escape. Using dice as a means of escape is definitely something I’ve seen only in anime. How incapacitated could you actually get by a die? Maybe if it was dropped from a high building, or fired from a gun, but come on, all the guy did was chuck it at you.

That’s it for today. There are still many more things to talk about regarding card games in anime. Preview for the next installment. Next time we talk about magical forces, real consequences for playing, and rich people in card games. Till then…


To be continued...

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