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One Year in Wonderland: Krakken's Confessions Part 2

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Five months ago, something happened. Something grand, life changing, and somewhat intimidating. Five Months ago, I posted my Confessions. At the time I was an isolated Anime fan, with few people that I knew well and met regularly enough to talk meaningfully about my new hobby. At the time I was a consumer, a novice anime fan of 7 months. I had moved from simply browsing Netflix to Funimation and Crunchyroll, from long releases to airing series, and finally from silent admirer, to hobby blog writer and layman art critic.


This all primarily arose because roughly 1 year ago I started watching anime. As I stated in my original Confessions the first two shows were Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Other shows in that early period were FMA 2003, Full Metal Panic, Black Butler, and Ouran High School Host Club. (the last of which I somehow watched twice in back to back viewings), Now it’s a year later and with over 83 series under my belt, I have passed the milestone of watching Anime for 12 months.


Indeed this has been a fun and revelatory experience so far (and I’m still quite the newbie I feel). With many revelations (SHOCKING TRUTHS!,) some of which might have been obvious already, I just hadn’t thought about them or had an outlet before to make them express themselves before.

So for kicks here’s a glance at what roughly a year of anime has done to me, starting with what I’ve watched so far.

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Now this breakdown is interesting in its own ways (FYI these genres aren’t mutually exclusive as FMP would count towards Action, Comedy, Mecha, and Sci-Fi categories) Out of these rankings well I find comedy to be a bit high on the list, as a lot of those shows are not pure comedy shows, (which is often a hit or miss for me) but rather other genre shows with funny moments IE FMA 2003 (brotherhood apparently doesn’t though). In terms of Pure comedies, I’m usually a bit cautious as many times the humor just makes me uncomfortable. The other surprise to myself is the romance genres prominence, not because I thought myself a heartless bastard, but rather that I would usually have just overlooked it before. However now I have a handful of romance shows which I will happily champion, which is great as many of those shows give what may be called an excellent case of “the feels.”


Probably the biggest revelation though has been anime’s introduction of myself to the world of Ani-TAY and how a personal wish to make something of the slightly obsessive fan I had become, turned into this fun creative venture. The great community here, as well as all your guys’ support and encouragement have been awesome. I never thought my silly ideas, and yammerings would make anybody’s day, but somehow they sometimes do and I’ve had a blast both being creative and interacting with this fun community.

Other Notable stuff that’s happened include my attending my first convention (of any sort really), the picking up of an online Yandere girlfriend (sort of out of nowhere), as well as the inadvertent creation of Baka Guides which appear to be popular, for some reason... :P


Now for some fun statistics:

  • First show I saw: Attack on Titan
  • Longest show I’ve seen: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Oldest series I’ve seen: Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Oldest film I’ve seen: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
  • Shows I’ve officially dropped: (as opposed to shows I’ve “tried” or taste tested) Testament of Sister New Devil, Aldnoah.Zero 2, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza
  • Most notable show placed on indefinite hold: Spice and Wolf at Episode 7
  • Animes/VN’s that I have referenced in university papers: (Fate/Stay Night, Analogue: a Hate Story, Katawa Shoujo, Ace Attorney)
  • Animes I’ve shown professors (in some capacity): (Barakamon, Hellsing Ultimate)

So that’s that... One year in Animedom successfully completed! If you wish to contact me you can find my links over at my ConTAYct Page, also if you want to see what I have watched, you can find it over at my Hummingbird page.


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