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One Punch Man 2 Trailer Revealed to Be an April Fools Joke

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Fans of the famous anime One Punch Man were disheartened these past couple of weeks after witnessing the new trailer for the anime’s second season.


“Disappointed is an understatement,” one fan wrote in the YouTube comments. “They just pulled down their pants, mooned the audience, and then took a dump on the whole franchise.”

“The animation was sub-par, to say the least,” another wrote. “I probably won’t be watching this one despite my long history as a fan of the manga. Very disappointing.”


The fan is referring to the animation quality of the trailer. The director of the first season, Shingo Natsume, utilized his deep connections in the industry to produce breath-taking animation that stunned anime fans all over the world. However, he reportedly stepped away from the project’s second season.

“I appreciate my fans, but I have no interest in directing a second season,” Natsume told reporters. “I’ve been hounded for years about this and I want to make it clear: I don’t owe you guys anything. It’s my life. I’m moving on to new projects, and if you don’t like the trailer then maybe you should too.”


However, it turns out that this was all an elaborate ruse. Although it is true that studio J. C. Staff has taken over the production of the second season, the trailer posted in March was intended as a slightly early April Fools joke to throw fans off the scent.

“We would never dishonor such a wonderful anime with sub-par animation like that,” laughed J. C. Staff president Tomoyuki Miyata. “The anime industry is known for high salaries and a passion for producing only the finest of productions for our fans. We take our time producing these projects because we want to make sure our animators’ health stays in good condition.”


The real trailer for One Punch Man 2 remains to be seen, but Miyata says that fans won’t have to wait long. “I expect that the real trailer with much better animation will launch within the next week,” he told an angry mob in front of his house. “So please go home and stop throwing tomatoes at my wife.”

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