This is something that's been weighing on my mind for a bit, so just thought I'd get this out there. I'm sure there's going to be some kind of blow back, but that's to be expected.

For some reason recently, there have been a lot of people asking about more 'objectivity' in reviews. I'm pretty sure a lot of this has been spawned from that Movement We Shall Not Name, but you also get this kind of thing in anime too. See for example the first comment on here from playnwin.


What I have to question is why are you looking for objectivity in a critique of entertainment / art? These are inherently subjective experiences. There's no right or wrong answer, or correct way to enjoy something. For a terrible example of the latter, see the huff Fate/etc fans got into over Nick Creamer's thoughts on Fate/Zero vs Unlimited Blade Works.

You're not working in a subject where you're aiming for some absolute truth, like in Maths or Physics, so that's not what you should seek in reviews. If you really loved something, feel free to gush about it. If you hated something, go ahead and tear it apart. Either way you'll annoy some people, and can expect feedback as such. A review should be your thoughts and experiences with a show, not something you tailor to please the most number of readers.


An 'objective' anime review does not give you anything meaningful or useful about the show and would merely be a run down of technical details and plot summary. All you would be doing is recounting matters such as level of detail in the backgrounds, whether characters stay on model or not, and whether animation is fluid or not.

Technical merits of a show are sometimes useful to have, and can certainly impact the experience in extreme cases. Just look at how much His & Her Circumstances fell apart in the last couple of episodes. However, they will not tell you a thing about matters like the themes and message of a show.


Also, feel free to disagree with the views of other people. Not everyone has the same tastes, and you have to accept this. A very visible and known example around here would be the reviews Richard puts out. I still see him get crap for liking SAO, because anime fans are petty. On a personal level, I've often found that I disagree with his views on shows, because our tastes appear to rarely align, but there are still a handful of shows we're on the same page about. I'm not going to hold it against him that he likes Aldnoah Zero.

Disagreeing with a review does not make the review invalid. You need a better ground to stand on than just 'I dis/liked this show, so your review is bad'.

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