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The DilKokoro Podcast Episode 22- Our First Mailbag!

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On a very, very special episode, Dil and Umi are joined by Kinksy to answer your mailbag questions!

1:34-soft or crunchy peanut butter

3:00 -”Umi, why is Dil so wrong?”

3:35- Umi, you joked Dil doesn’t get past two dates very often. What is the longest he has had a gf?


6:36 -If an anime was made of you, and you could ban _one and only one_ tag from hentai doujins involving yourself, which would it be?

8:36-You’re stranded in a remote location with the Quintessential Quintuplets with no reasonable source of food, such that in order to survive, you must resort to cannibalism. Bearing in mind that mental health is also important in these stressful situations, in what order would you eat them? In essence, who are the least quintessential or essential quintuplets to your survival?


16:16- Dil is often very vocal about how important fitness is to him. He has also suggested that Umi’s husband is a fellow fitness aficionado. UMI (NOT DIL), who is more athletic: your husband or Dil. Bonus points if you can answer this without saying his name.

18:51- Umi, you’ve mentioned your husband watches a lot of shonen. Of all the ones he’s brought you along for, which ones did you enjoy the most/least?


22:07- What was your first anime you got attached to characters and they ultimately died?

26:42- It’s Mother’s Day today! Favorite anime moms of all time, go!

30:43- Dil and Umi: Is there a show/genre you hate with a burning passion, and why?


42:46-Of the anime/manga you’ve seen or read, which is your favourite relationship between two or more characters, and why? Can be romantic or platonic (or antagonistic even)

Or if that’s a bit challenging to just pick one, what dynamic/relationship do you think about often?


53:00- what’s your least favorite canon pairing

1:01:24 ~ what moments in anime/manga made you cry the most

1:17:41-Is there a character in anime/manga you were not supposed to empathize with/like but you ended up liking more than the main characters?


1:32:00- Who’s your favorite or least favorite guest on the podcast? Be honest...

1:34:12- what’s an anime you just can’t get into despite all the hype around it?

1:43:32- What is a trope you cannot stand seeing in anime/manga?

Conversely, do you have a favourite trope?

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