AniTAY has been around for a long time at this point, though the AniTAY blog is still just over a year old. At this point it seems like good practice to set out everything from rules to legal positions in one place.

As a community-based blog that allows a number of autonomous authors free rein, we tend to have deceptively complex internal policies that need to be described explicitly. We need to do this not just for our own benefit, but for the benefit of any businesses our members try to work with in the process.


Community Guidelines:

First off, there are basic community guidelines that every person on the AniTAY blog and any voluntarily affiliated services (e.g. Taykobon) needs to follow in order to not incur the wrath of the resident admins. They are the following:

  1. No Personal Attacks
    Explanation: Personal attacks can be attacks on a person’s character, on their ideas, and on their lives itself when in bad faith. This is not the same as calling someone out, which can be done for benefit.
  2. Arguments Are Fair Game, With the Right Intent
    Explanation: Keeping with the theme of the first rule, arguments should be kept amicable whenever possible. I won’t elaborate on this one much, as most people know what I’m talking about when they see it.
  3. Avoid Legally Dangerous Areas
    Explanation: As fans of Japanese media, most of us are familiar with the legal grey areas that come with it. Fan translations and pirated episodes can be considered a necessary evil in many circles. That said, this is a blog hosted by the Kinja service, which explicitly prohibits copyrighted material from being distributed. This will be enforced on the AniTAY blog and any affiliated blogs by the admins.
  4. You Can Only Claim to Represent the AniTAY Blog After Discussing It
    Explanation: This is also a difficult guideline, as it feels draconian at first, but bear with me. AniTAY is a community website, so claiming to represent it in any capacity is saying the community has agreed with it on some level. Want a review copy or press pass? You should probably get the intent to do so out there so regular members and the admins are aware and can rubber stamp the effort (and even help).
  5. It’s Partially Up to You to Report Rule Breaking
    Explanation: As admins on a community site, we are not paid. We do this when we have time for the enjoyment of doing so. This means that we won’t necessarily inspect every article and comment section on the site constantly. It’s up to members to flag responses that are inappropriate and bring articles that breach these guidelines to our attention.

And that’s it, at least for now. This guidelines may be updated if things change in the future, but for this is the current guidelines list.

Now that that’s out of the way, we get to the strictly legal bit.

AniTAY’s Legal Definitions:


  1. First off, AniTAY is a tag on the Kinja network, which was made on Talk Amongst Yourselves. As such, no one owns this name, it is a community-supported effort for anime and Japanese content on Kotaku and the Kinja network.
  2. The AniTAY Blog (this website) is a curated blog established for the purpose of a more permanent and definite home for the content this community creates. This entity has leadership and moderation, though a lenient one.
  3. The logo for the AniTAY Blog was originally made by Rockmandash12 and he would officially retain rights to the image. He controls the copyright for the image and use of it.
  4. The icon for the AniTAY Blog is made by Dexomega. Similarly, he controls the copyright for the image and use of it.
  5. Similarly, any articles and content therein are the property of the authors themselves, not an overarching (nonexistent) AniTAY authority.
  6. Kinja and the Gawker network has retained the rights to repost any content you post without notification.

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