The summer anime season has been in full swing for the past month, and while I may not have reported on what I watched in the spring(Not a lot, gonna be honest. My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan were probably the only two.), but I plan to report on what I’m watching this summer. My Hero Academia will be omitted as it’s technically a spring season show.

Princess Principal

After the summer season started, nothing was particularly on my radar. Then I saw a clip from Princess Principal, ready a synopsis, and decided to watch an episode. I love me some steampunk action so there was no chance I wasn’t going to watch this at some point. The designs are great, the music is great, haven’t really had any issues with the show so far. Of course, it’s still early so that can always change. If I’m not mistaken, one of the writers from the Guilty Crown anime is on this, and while I’m probably one of the few that actually enjoyed that show, I did agree that the ending was... eh. And that alone gives me at least some pause. But I’ll see where this goes, so far it hasn’t disappointed me.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight Axis


This is probably the one on the list that I’m closest to dropping. Twilight Axis is a sequel to Gundam Unicorn with some slight ties to Gundam F91, but really it serves as an endcap to the Zeon conflicts. The bad part is that Twilight Axis is an ONA, totaling 6 episodes, 5 of which have a run time of 3 minutes while the final episode runs a little longer for a total runtime of 23 minutes when all is said and done. Unfortunately, three minutes an episode is not enough to tell any kind of compelling story, let alone get to know the characters. The first episode was a jumbled mess, while the second and third, while seemingly better paced, still don’t do a lot to progress any meaningful story, and at one point I got confused as to who was on what side and in what mobile suits. I want to watch it until the end to see if it makes up for all of this, but I might end up waiting for a possible blu-ray release with additional footage or at least better put together episodes that might help Twilight Axis make more sense.

Classroom of the Elite


Classroom of the Elite is an interesting show and one that I certainly did not expect. The core of the show is the inequality in society, the different social standings and all that jazz, all thrown together in a government funded high school that basically has a battle royale style competition going on between the four classes. The main character is cunning and manipulative, a Lelouch vi Brittania for the classroom, while a few other characters have quirks of their own that make for interesting dynamics. So far however, the story hasn’t exactly picked up. In 4 episodes the story has barely moved and while the core of the show has come into play, it feels almost like background noise. It’s as if the show has a good idea of what it wants to be, but it doesn’t exactly know how to put it into practice or when to do so. At the current pacing I’m not sure how far the story will progress by the end of the season, but I’m still interested in seeing how everything plays out.

That’s all I’m watching right now though I have been mulling over picking up some other shows such as “Gamers!”, “Welcome to the Ballroom”, and “Restaurant in Another World.” Technically I am watching Gundam Build Fighters: Battlelog, however that literally only just started and I’m not entirely sure when the next episode of it will drop.