More often than not, I’m only watching two or three shows a season, and that held true for Spring and Summer 2017. Fall 2017 though? Hoo boy, I’ve never been this invested in so many series before.

1) Dies Irae

In recent months I had read that the visual novel of Dies Irae is one of the best, but I never get around to actually playing it despite owning it on Steam. So to some extent this anime adaptation is my introduction, and I’m already liking it. The art is absolutely beautiful and it makes me feel... a little nostalgic, I guess. The designs look like what was sort of commonplace in anime back in the early to mid 00's, you know, before everything went moe, and that’s fantastic.


Granted, the first episode, which is actually a prequel or set up episode, takes place before the rest of the story and in a different location to my knowledge, so for all I know this show will fall out of favor with me as the show goes on. And if this first episode was any indication, the pacing might be rushed.

2) Food Wars! - The Third Plate

Despite the massive amounts of ecchi present in the series as a whole(Gives the term “foodgasm” a more literal meaning), I’ve still been able to thoroughly enjoy Food Wars. If the show had ended after the second season, I would have been sad, but at the same time content because it didn’t leave off at a bad spot. Still a “read the manga” ending, but not a bad jumping off point. And now here we are, with a third season that is supposedly two cours like the first season, and that has me pretty excited.


The only gripe I have so far, after just one episode, is that it assumes you’ve watched the two OVA’s that were released between the two seasons, and as a result jumps into a story in progress. I was a tad confused at first, but managed to put two and two together. I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll enjoy this new season of Food Wars, even if I’m unsure of how close it’ll get to where the manga is at. Either way, I get the feeling this may be one of the few non-shonen anime to get a full adaptation from start to finish.

3) Kings Game - The Animation

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We are currently in the month of October. What does that mean? Halloween is around the corner and everything is spooky. Kings Game is not a horror show, but it’s definitely in the “twisted and gory” category so it’ll have to do. It takes what I always thought of as a fun party game and turns into this years survival game. The premise hooked me immediately and I’m happy to spend at least the next three months watching this show to see how everything ends.

4) Just Because

I’m a sucker for good romance anime, and “Just Because” has me intrigued, just because. While watching the first episode, I couldn’t help, but feel like it’s a reverse “5 Centimeters Per Second.” Rather than two lovers slowly growing apart, both physically and emotionally, it’s about a young man moving back to his old home and reconnecting with old friends, and obviously a girl he has some history with. There’s an atmosphere about it that makes it feel... just right. From the slow-paced moments that just show day to day life, to the more energized scenes like playing some baseball with the school band in the background playing a song to go along with it despite the fact that it’s just two guys tossing a ball around. And since there’s no manga to compare the adaptation too, it’ll be judged on its own merits, so I’m interested to see how good it can get, or how far it can fall.


5) Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond

It only took two years, but we’ve finally got a second season of the absolutely fantastic Blood Blockade Battlefront, and it feels as thought it wasn’t even gone for that long. What can I honestly say? It’s bombastic, has great music, and lovable goofball characters. What more could you ask for? Oh, yeah, kind of wish it was dubbed. I’ve grown so used to the great English dub cast. Not that the Japanese cast is bad, I’m just used to the dub cast so it feels weird now. Not to mention it kind of doesn’t make sense since the setting is an alternate reality New York City, but this is anime after all.


6) The Ancient Magus Bride

I gotta be honest, I don’t think there’s a lot of other series that can compete with this one. Having watched the three prequel episodes and the actual first episode, I’ve been able to spend far more time with this series than the others I’ve listed and it’s easily my favorite for multiple. The music is enchanting, the plot is interesting, and there’s just something... magical about it. It kind of feels like Spirited Away to some extent and that being one of my favorite movies is a plus in this series favor. It’s gonna be tough waiting every week for a new episode.


While those are the shows I’m currently watching, there are a few others that I haven’t gotten around too yet that would make this list even longer, such as Black Clover and Sengoku Night Blood. This is easily one of the busiest anime seasons I’ve ever had.

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