RightStuf, Nozomi Entertainment, and Sunrise have steadily been re-releasing all of the Gundam series in the US for the past few years. As a result it was inevitable that Gundam SEED and its sequel, SEED Destiny, would be making a return. However, no one could have predicted that the show would be redubbed. The new cast is as follows:

Max Mittelman as Kira

Chris Hackney as Athrun

Stephanie Sheh as Lacus

Sandy Fox as Haro

Cherami Leigh as Cagalli

Erica Mendez as Flay

Lucien Dodge as Sai

Cassandra Morris as Miriallia

Colin Depaulo as Tolle

Eddy Lee as Kuzzey

Daman Millis as Yzak

Johnny Yong Bosch as Dearka

Casey Mongillo as Nicol

Obviously that’s not the entire new cast, but those are the ones that have been announced thus far. One thing to note here is that this dub is not for the original SEED and SEED Destiny, but rather their HD remasters which were recut versions with less episodes and new bits of dialogue here and there. Taking that into account, it’s likely the main reason they opted to redub these shows rather than reuse the old dub.