Nichijou on Track to Become Anime of the Year 2019

Kyoto Animation’s catastrophically bonkers 2011 school comedy anime, based on Keiichi Arawi’s manga 2006, and originally licensed and released in English by Funimation in 2017, is getting re-released by Funimation this July 2019. And this time, it is going to have an English dub.

Alright, this is the part where I have to pick up my jaw from the floor, because this has apparently been news for like a month now, but I literally just learned of it a couple hours ago on Funimation’s YouTube channel.


Because in all seriousness: WHAT



I legitimately do not know how to process this news, because my entire capacity for feelings is just taken over by total bafflement. Why this? Why now of all times?! It’s been eight years since it first premiered, and Funimation already put it out a couple of years ago; why commit to a dub so much after the fact? And why Nichijou?!

I’m generally pretty even-handed when it comes to subs and dubs, but this is one case where I’m likely to find any dub to be downright weird, because my memories of watching Nichijou are intrinsically linked to the Japanese voice acting to more of a degree than most other shows. It’s going to be hard to vocally replicate or otherwise match shit like this, and getting much of its humor to translate well also could be an uphill battle.

All that said, though, I also sure ain’t mad that this exists. Not one bit. All concerns aside, the folks at Funimation may even turn in something great!


Plus, more than anything else, the very fact that we’re in a world where a dub of Nichijou could come out at all makes me very happy. Especially when compared to how its prospects looked five years ago.


To establish a bit of setting, a decent chunk of anime series faced abrupt removal from Crunchyroll at the end of August 2014, and that included several Kyoto Animation shows that had been on the platform. One of the hardest hits from these losses was Nichijou, to which no other companies in the English market held a license, and thus was about to be practically wiped off the legal map by September.

It was just the latest incarnation of its bad fortune—the anime bombed at broadcast time in Japan—but for someone like me who had fallen in love with the show only earlier that year, it still stung especially bad. This was back when I made YouTube videos, and these circumstances badly made me want to say my piece about the show, so I put something up to sing its praises.


One of my big hopes was that someone *cough Funimation* would eventually get the license, and that it would be on my must-own list if that somehow ever happened. A few years later, the miraculous: It did get licensed. True to my word, I acquired the Blu-ray collection a short while later. And that’s all before including that the manga’s been getting released in English for a few years now, too.

And now the anime is going to be released for a SECOND time within two years WITH AN ENGLISH DUB.


So life’s a Nichijou skit now, I guess. A part of me is glad and content, though. Me from five years ago would have been over the moon had he heard that all of this was going to happen; Nichijous fortunes must have finally turned around in a good way, despite being so late in its lifespan, if it’s currently receiving this absurd treatment.

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