Toei is in charge of the animation

On the pages of the newest number of the magazine of Akita Shoten Champion RED It has been announced that on the next number that will come out on August 19 new informationa bout the anime adaptation of Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho will be revealed.

The Manga is an Spinoff of the classic manga Saint Seiya where we will see the Saintias, Maidens who serve as the personnal Guard of Athena and their fight against the Goddess of Strife Eris, the manga also let us see from another point of view some of the events that happened on the work it is based of.


WHile what can be revealed it is still a mystery, the most likely thing to be would be the premeir date and/or the staff and/or cast.


Via: Universo Saint Seiya (Spanish)