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It has been STreamed the Second Trailer of Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold.

The Events will Take place in Asgard (The Place of a filler arc in the Original Anime, although quite awesome), after the events of the Hades Saga, where the Twelve Gold Saints sacrificed their lives in order to allow Seiya and his Friends to get to the Elyseum Fields and defeat the God of the Underworld once and for all.


Now Aioria Leo has awoken in a World full of light, but...Something is strange.

The Series will be of 13 Episodes and Aioria will be the Main Character.

In A similar note, the Anime will be Streamed by the Namco-Bandai Stream Service on April 21.


Also Asahi Tv will be putting the Original series again on Tv after 30 years.

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