New Digimon Anime... Digimon Universe: Appimon...

So a new Digimon television anime is in the works and if we thought the last few were a departure from the formula that made us fall in love the first time, go I’m into this the second time, wow that was really dark the third time, and the rest kinda go “they made that”? Well this one is even more different, as far as I can tell the only actual meantion of the word “Digimon” is in the title. Digimon Universe: Appimon.

It appears the Digimon are now called “Appimon” as they’re smart phone dwelling monsters. Get it they’re apps. Yes friends behold the future, the mobile phone version of Digimon. Considering when it first came out the internet was still new I shouldn’t be surprised though.


Furthermore the main partners Digimon appears to be “Gatchmon”. I’m wondering if the writer was a fan of Gatchamon Crowds? Anyways with Tri continuing it’s run for the foreseeable future I doubt I’ll really pay any attention beyond this. However this trailer was just too crazy not to show you guys. What do you think, will the Appimon ever replace Digimon in your heart?

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