You may be flipping through Netflix and seeing stuff you hadn’t noticed before. This is a tiny review of one of those series. Sword Gai is one of a number of new Anime series that is being brought out by Netflix outside of the usual seasonal schedule. This intrepid author watched the first three episodes of this new show and is going to give his opinion.

The story is that swords have always been laced with incredible powers. Some bigger than others. There are swords with incredible demonic powers who take over people’s personalities and force them to do their bidding, usually for blood. There are others that have the powers of lightning and fire for example. For a while the demonic swords were sort of quelled but they are making a giant comeback in the wrong hands and a lot of different people across the world are trying to have the upper hand when it comes to these crazy swords.

Look, in terms of animation and art, Sword Gai will do incredibly well. Whether it’s due to the money Netflix is able to throw around or if it’s the schedules they are able to adhere to, or if they have a competent studio that knows what they’re doing or everything, Sword Gai looks very solid. Fight scenes are smooth and the character detail allows us to get a good feel of the different archetypes that are present here. The animated parts can feel pasted onto the intricate backgrounds but that’s if you’re really nitpicking. The music also manages to match pretty precisely though there are no standouts you’ll be listening to months later.


Which leads to the story. So far, it’s about demonic swords taking over people and an association that is designed to take these demonic swords and put them in a safe place. However (this might be spoilers for episode 1, but it’s about the titular character so bear with me), our hero Sword Gai was born an orphan clutching one of these legendary swords. Replete with what surely will be a love interest, Sword Gai will definitely master the power of the sword he was born with and battle the other swords that have clearly led to destruction and anarchy.


Gai is a serious type, and in a lesser anime I would make a lot more fun of him but as an orphan in his particular situation, it makes a little more sense. As for the swords and his immediate enemies, they seem to make the same dumb mistakes you’d expect. Granted, only 3 episodes in, things might change but I dont think it will too much. This is your classic hero with power learns to control and fights bigger, badder power with the help/to save the life of the girl he cares about. A mysterious organization will both help Gai in his quest to quell the other rebellious swords but they’ll surely turn at some point. I have no basis to assume that but I’ve seen enough to know how this goes.

There’s not much to specifically praise in favor of Sword Gai. The art and animation is actually pretty good thanks to the Netflix dollars but that’s as far as it goes. You may or may not have seen this sort of story told before in anime. Chances are you have seen this before because it’s not imaginative at all in any sort of way. So really this is either the stock story that you can ignore and move past, or this is the stock story that you like and want more of.


And that’s really what my review will boil down to. Sword Gai is fine stuff. There are other better things you might want to spend your time with but if Sword Gai is what you looking for, you won’t be disappointed it seems. Let me know if Sword Gai surpasses my expectations! Maybe I’ll give it a chance! Otherwise for now I’ll give it:

Episodes Watched: 3/12. C+