Good Afternoon All! I have been on that student life for a good part of this semester, but I have been keeping up on my to watch list. Without anything besides Netflix, I have to use rely on DilKokoro for anime to watch, but here are the top five I am most excited to watch soon:

5. GARO: Vanishing Line

A fairly recent series that has Dil crazy over, this show looks interesting in that the art style is really interesting with some over-the-top action sequences. Oh, that theme goes hard too.


4. Gurren Lagann

I know this one is on Netflix, but it was requested to be waited on for a watch. If I hear “Just who in the hell do you think I am?” one more time, I might just watch it myself to see what’s going on.


What I am assured as a series that can be binged in one sitting, this series looks ambitious and is promised to have episode to episode analytical deep dives waiting to be had.


2. Pop Team Epi-

Yeah right.


2. Rebuild of Evangelion

Ah... Salt. How poor you are for my heart. No one wears the “weeb” badge without knowing the polarizing fan base of Evangelion. The movies are a lot different (and hated by a large portion of fans) yet are presented to me as a great introduction to the IP. We’ll see.


1. Your Name.

Who doesn’t love a good love story??? I’ve heard the music to this already and it is fantastic. Here’s hoping it is a fun watch.


What are some of your anime on your to watch list?

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