Believe it! Naruto Evolution!

We have seen how there are already two Mangas about to become Hollywood Movie. While the other twoare from the Horror Genre, This one is based on a much, much popular Manga. Naruto.

Ackording to Tracking Board, Lionsgate is looking forward to produce an Anime absed on the World Wide popular Manga of Naruto.

Avi Arad will be the producer.

Naruto is a Manga mande by Masashi Kishimoto, were a Young Ninja named Naruto Uzumaki, and his way to become the Hokage (Leader) of his Village. The Manga ended recently and a Movie Sequel/Spinoff will release soon.


Alongside Rakuen 6000, The Temple, Death Note and Ghost in the Shell. One can see that Hollywood is looking at the Japanese Manga/Anime in order to produce stories now (We already have the Novels, Fairy Tales, Biblical, Mythological, Historical, and a bucnh of others)

Via: Tracking-Board