Welcome back and as always thanks for reading. This is the place where I comment weekly on the latest chapter of Makashi Kishimoto’s sequel manga Naruto Gaiden. As always for those who missed my past write ups you can find Chapter 5 here and Chapter 4 here. Anyways thanks again for reading and welcome back, lets get to the reason you’re here and right back to Naruto Gaiden.

Well as I suspected last week the fight between Uchiha started with a quite literal bang with Shin and his father continuing their charge towards Sarada and Naruto. However Sasuke deftly gets in the way and starts the heroes counter attack using the Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu while giving us a glimpse (for the first time I believe) of his still very active Rinnegan. Shin’s “Father” acting quick using his Mangekyō Sharingan pulls his “son” from in front and uses him as a human shield. Following this cold blooded move he merely comments on the power of Sasuke’s attack saying they could use it in Akatsuki... ya I’m not going to lie this action serves its purpose in my book by raising his villain quotient quite a bit higher.


Speaking of “Shin” well it turns out his “father” is also named “Shin Uchiha”. Taking a pause from the recap for a second this is not a very big surprise from my personal standpoint as up to now “Shin” has been almost the definition of a mook, besides his Mangekyō Sharingan which previously was the realm of elite characters “Shin” was kinda pointless. Beyond that after the revelation last chapter that there is multiple “Shin’s” or at the least people who look exactly like him the value of his character and more specifically as a villain dropped precipitously to the point of human shield. Regardless this little piece of information does seem to clarify a lot of things while making others less clear as well. For the record I do not believe for a second the new “Shin Uchiha” is his real name and I’m still wondering if he is a pure blooded Uchiha or not, the seemingly blackened right eye is bothering me...

Following this we get a little surprise out of nowhere (well not really see above...) when Sarada stabs Naruto in the chest with Sasuke’s sword. Which quickly leads Naruto to deduce the power of Shin’s dojutsu is the total control of weapons marked by his Sharingan, much like the Minato’s kunai in his version of the Hiraishin no Jutsu. Which looking back explains the strange techniques him and his “Son” have used over the course of their fights. Really though after teleportation, eternal fire (named after a Japanese Sun god no less), and total control of all senses, total control of weapons to me seems a little let down for a Mangekyō Sharingan user. Anyways, continuing his surprise assault he attacks Sasuke next paralyzing him readying the situation for a final attack until...


SAKURA! However seriously do not piss off a mom, more specifically do not piss of a mom who has the strength to punch a hole in the earth’s crust and a temper to match. After a quick family reunion between Sasuke, Sarada, and Sasuke and of course the simultaneous Team Seven reunion Shin’s chibi-Juubi pulls out it’s little bag of tricks transporting Shin, his “Son”, and Sakura back to their base where Sakura is quickly surrounded by the extra “Children”. Where she will be presumably be forced to operate on Shin to save his life by transporting organs from the still smoldering “child” of his. To this occurence Naruto describes their performance (accurately) as “pathetic” mirroring Kurama earlier in the chapter.


In the end this was a chapter I’ve been waiting a bit for the finally see Naruto and Sasuke in action and what we got was surprising. Despite not having much of a drop in power their battle sense seems to have become dulled in peace time something Kurama waists no time in pointing out, this is very reminiscent of the Buu Saga of Dragonball where Gohan saw a considerable drop in ability during peace time. In fact Shin uses this situation to show a bit of his thinking saying that peace is counter productive to evolution and Sasuke and Naruto are perfect examples, taking this statement to it’s logical conclusion it would mean Shin plans to throw the world into war again to spur advancement and growth. A proposition that does have merits if one looks at it through the logic of a cold and cynical man Shin has proven to be.

Finally the Chapter also has made something abundantly clear to me that is a little surprising. The pace is lightning quick, when Kishimoto described this as a mini-series I was not sure what was meant by that now it is clear. He intends to push a lot of story into very few chapters. To illustrate this point in only six chapters we’ve had an introduction of like 14 new characters, a showcase of the original team sevens abilities, three separate boss fights with three different Mangekyō Sharingans, and a main characters kidnapping. If this was the original Naruto this amount of story would take at least two volumes if not more, we’re barely through half way of what will become Vol. 1. Anyways thanks for reading, this became a little bit longer then I thought a write up of a fight chapter would be and I hope you come back next week I expect it’ll be an interesting as the “Search for Sasuke” arc will be coming to an end.