Welcome back and once again thanks for reading my little write up’s on Naruto. For those of you new to this and judging by the comments each week some of you are, this is a weekly series that looks at the latest chapter of the Naruto sequel manga Naruto Gaiden. As always for those of you who have missed my previous write ups you can find my thoughts on chapter 3 and chapter 2 here. Anyways if you’ve read the chapter continue on if not seriously read the chapter some big things happened and this will feature the biggest SPOILER I have posted yet.

As I wrote last week I didn’t quite expect much of the Naruto vs. Shin Uchiha fight and surprise surprise I was right. The entire “fight” lasted a grand total of five pages, however Shin did reveal a few of the tricks up his sleeves and they are once again Naruto oldies. The first is the fact that Shin has already unlocked the Mangekyō Sharingan which to be honest isn’t that much of a surprise as the Mangekyō seems to have gone from the stuff of legends to the

plaything of children and birthright of all Uchiha (even if they might be a clone...), thinking back there hasn’t been that many named Uchiha in the whole series who haven’t achieved it (hell some non-Uchiha even have it). The second revelation is that Shin’s particular Mangekyō has the same time space Jutsu that was previously used by Obito Uchiha again raising questions of his origins, as the abilities of the Mangekyō seem to be tied to ones blood. Also we got our first cameo of Kurama in the series.


Following this there is a few moments of light hearted trolling at Chōchō’s expense which just further reenforces the idea she is completely oblivious to the situation at hand and more specifically Sarada’s motivations for the trip. During this time Naruto shows really for the first time his extremely laid back take on his role as the Seventh Hokage recalling stories (less then accurately...) of his past much in the same way the third Hokage did with the young members of the village in his life time. However his stories did seem to liven Sarada’s spirits. Which encourages her to strike off alone (after telling a painfully obvious tie) and find her father, interestingly her strong will to finally meet Sasuke allows her to finally unleash the first stage of her own Sharingan.

After finally catching up with Sasuke her loving reunion with her long estranged father doesn’t seem to go quite as she planned...


To be honest I’m really expecting this to be cleared up quite quickly for a few simple reasons. The first Sarada looks like a female Sasuke, two Sarada has the ability to speak, and three Sasuke isn’t an idiot. Really thinking on it it’s kinda annoying Kishimoto seemed to give Sarada the Sharingan for the sole purpose of setting up this misunderstanding. After Sasuke’s Sharingan reveal in the original Naruto was for the defense of his friends this is a serious let down and first major misstep he’s taken with Sarada’s character. Other then that small quibble it was a chapter full of reveals and surprises (even if a little predictable) and I am certainly looking forward to Sasuke, Naruto, and Sarada’s interactions next week. Oh ya and Chōchō will be there too I guess...