I was only there for a few hours on Saturday, but I took a bunch of pictures with my phone of merch and cosplayers.

Some of my favorites:

  • Salsa and Marche from Eternal Sonata
  • the Maxie+Archie pair from Pokemon ORAS
  • Inspector Dojima and Accelerator, both in the hour-long registration line
  • several Sailor Plutos
  • a REALLY DAMNED GOOD Link costume in the courtyard, awesome prop detail
  • Lelouch in full Zero regalia
  • They actually had Weiss Schwartz cards for sale! Holy shit!
  • People were actually playing the Maid RPG around a table! HOLY SHIT! I had thought it a purely mythical beast despite attempting it online in a group myself.

Also, I played a couple rounds of EDH and bought a silly shirt to wear to game on Wednesday. All in all, a fun time!