My Top ______ So Far #2

Since the winter was over, the distinct sounds I used to know were replaced, by new melodies.

This is the second of five lists planned for release over the next fortnight, and this one shall cover, of course, the amazing music that act as the OPs & EDs for anime.


Image shows IA and Hatsune Miku, vocaloids.

The following list will tell you a lot about me, since music is a very personal thing, and that's reflected in the choice of music that a person listens to. I do hope that you'll enjoy my list, because I enjoy it, a lot.

Top 5 OPs & EDs Ever

OP 5. Kimi-iro Signal - Haruna Luna


This is a recent addition, which some of you will recognize from the recent anime Saekano. The MV brings the distinct feeling of 'will senpai notice me', if you don't really understand the lyrics. I find Haruna Luna to be a very good artist, especially if you've heard her others songs, and this one certainly doesn't disappoint.

ED 5. M/elody - Tsuji Shion

I thank Dex for this awesome song. I noticed it awhile ago, when he used it as his OP/ED A Day. Upbeat, it conveys a sense of hope for the future, which would be what the characters in the anime would be feeling, after they've been devastated by an earthquake. It also carries an undertone of wistfulness, of what could be.


OP 4. Take Your Way - livetune featuring Fukase from SEKAI NO OWARI


The OP from the terrible Devil Survivor 2 anime, Take Your Way is about seizing the day, and the awesome anime-style MV shows a young boy saving the girl, with help from a friend. This OP combines livetune's (he was a vocaloid artist) awesome music with Fukase's voice, which is pretty good!

ED 4. Fukagyaku Replace - My First Story


I love My First Story. Some of you may remember my first Artists You Should Know segment, where I featured this Emo Rock band. This is the ED for the terribly underappreciated Nobunaga Concerto, released in 2014.

OP 3. Ideal White - Mashiro Ayano


Also a recent addition, is Ideal White, the OPfrom F/SN UBW. (If you don't know what these initials are for, you will hear Rock cry in the distance.) Ideal White has an epic OP sequence, and Mashiro Ayano manages to convey F/SN's awesomeness through the song.

ED 3. Fallen - EGOIST


I was pissed at Psycho-pass 2. It went nowhere near the calibre of Psycho-pass. But that doesn't stop me from loving EGOIST! Fallen fits the show's themes very well, as to be expected, since it was written specifically for the anime. The MV is more than slightly confusing, possibly showing a descent into madness.

OP 2. Savior of Song - nano featuring My First Story


I didn't watch Ars Nova, but I found this song great. nano has always been one of my favorite artists, and adding My First Story to the mix made this song even better. nano and Hiro's voices fit well together, creating the most badass song ever.

ED 2. Trust You - Yuna Ito


Also from an artist I've recently featured, is the ED from Gundam 00. This ending was my favorite for a very long time, ever since I started watching anime. The song fits the anime very well, speaking of trust, without boundaries, love, without limitations. It's a great example of how a 'cliche' type of song can still be great.

OP 1. Nanairo Symphony - Coalamode.


Some of you may be scratching your heads and wondering: how is this better than Hikaru Nara? (I hope mdubs won't kill me)

I found this to be one of the most enjoyable songs I've listened to. It sounds like fun. It conveys to me the sense of wonder and enjoyment you get when playing an instrument, which is very good in a song. That's why I put it here.


ED 1. Orange - 7!!


This is the best ED EVER. It resonates deeply with me, and I really get goosebumps whenever I listen to it. It also hold the title of 'Never Been Skipped'. I usually skip past the OPs and EDs when I'm watching anime, but I could never skip past this one. I would just lay back and close my eyes, and let the music flow over me. Never mind the tears.

You thought I'd do 5 songs in total, right? Wrong! And here are even more!

Bonus - 2 Insert Songs and 4 Honorable Mentions

IS 1. My Truth ~Rondo Capriccioso~ - ENA

IS 2. For you ~Tsuki no Hikari ga Furisosogu Terrace~ - ENA

HM 1. Hikaru Nara - Goose House


HM 2. Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~ - EGOIST


HM 3. Each and All - livetune featuring Rin Oikawa

HM 4. Utakata Hanabi - supercell


And here's the end of the article! I do hope you've enjoyed listening to the music I love.

As a musician, sound is very important to me, and anytime I can't find the motivation to do anything, I just take out my Violin and play, or I listen to an awesome song. That does go the other way too. Sound and music influence me like nothing else. Nothing beats the motivation to try and play an awesome song you've recently heard. Music is also a great form of expression. Playing a sad piece or happy piece helps you to sift through your emotions, letting them flow into the song. Most songs on my phone are from languages I don't understand very well, but that doesn't matter. It's the emotional capacity that songs have that truly allow them to affect us. Even science agrees on this.


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