So, since the Winter season just ended, and pretty much completely wrecked my 'top' lists, and also due to the fact that I love lists, I've decided on making a few of my own!

Image is an honorable mention for my 'top' anime list. Hataraku Maou-sama.

So before I start, here's the list of lists(I couldn't help it) I'm planning on doing, covering the first, in this article:

  1. Top 10 Anime ever (moot list)
  2. Top Anime per Genre
  3. Top 5 OP/EDs ever
  4. Top 5 Anime I Should Finish
  5. Top 5 Manga

I think that's okay for a first list of lists (oops I did it again :3)

**DISCLAIMER: Please remember that these lists are of course, subjective to the author. If you find any discrepancies between these lists and your own, of course. But if our lists are exactly the same, if you are of the opposite gender, will you marry me? I celebrate you as my comrade**

Top 10 Anime Ever

10. Amagami SS & SS+


Amagami SS and its sequel, SS+ are adaptations from a PS2 Dating Sim (Yes, those exist) of the same name. No, it's not a harem anime. Amagami is fairly unique, since it offers closure, six times. Six times more than most anime. This is because the story is sort of multiverse, and every 4 episodes, our MC would be in a new relationship, with a different girl. I found this really enjoyable, and SS+ added further, providing extra time for the characters to expand their relationship.

P.S. Sae for best girl :3

Review: Upcoming review between myself and Aestevalis!

9. Steins;Gate


Steins;Gate is awesome. Time travel that's actually explained(sort of)? Check. Awesome, relatable characters? Check. Actual repercussions of time travel? Check.

I'm a science nerd, and have thoroughly studied on the real world theories behind Steins;Gate, even before I watched it. It was like finding your favorite comic had a whole 20+ episode series. I absolutely enjoyed every aspect, and it was one of the anime that shaped both my past and future anime experiences.

Review: Credits to Rockmandash12!


8. Kill la Kill

Arguably the most action packed Mahou Shoujo ever, Kill la Kill, is an anime comprised of many unlikely components. But it fits them into the most epic Clothing vs Humans war ever. There's something for everyone in this show, including fan service for both genders, a little bit of Mecha, a little bit of Mahou Shoujo, and pinch of this, a dash of that...... And it doesn't clash, which is a tribute to the creators' imaginative prowess and logistical ability. Heck, the show made me buy my first Nendo, a Satsuki!


Review: Credits to Koda Kazar!

7. Noragami


Noragami, at first glance seemed to be a generic shounen anime. At second glance, still the same. A bit later, it revealed it's true colors, and what a rainbow that was! Noragami fits the themes of Coming of Age and action very well, with great character interaction, although Yuki was a little b*tch. I can't wait for the second season!

Review: Upcoming review between myself and Protonstorm!

6. Psycho-pass


Psycho-pass describes a very dystopian future, where future crimes can be predicted, and measures taken to prevent them. It was sort of an anime remake of the Minority Report, which was awesome. I was actually reluctant to try it out at first, back when I was still on my romance phase, but after succumbing to curiosity, I gave it a go. Although it was slightly fantastical, I felt that it wan an anime molded by literature.

The entire booklist referenced in the anime by the characters consisted of classical literature, lecture pieces, and hypothetical theories. Being the bookworm that I am, I quickly bought the entire list, going through it ever so slowly. Proust is hard as hell to read.

Review: Credits to Protonstorm!


5. Barakamon

I totally loved how Naru's face could change so much. It brought that edge of humor, however childish, to the very 'grown-up' anime that is Barakamon. Barakamon describes a journey we all might have taken before, that taught us the basic principles of living in a society. There are always gonna be critics, but they do mean well, which is doubly true for writers, like those on Ani-TAY! Barakamon also reminds us to forget life's little pleasures, and encourages us to slow down, and smell the roses, something we often forget to do.


Review: Credits to Koda Kazar!

4. Darker than Black

"Does the Grim Reaper dream of darkness, Darker than Black?"

That line, seemingly part of a poem, brings to light thoughts buried deep within. It's a very basic line of philosophical thought, designed to make people think. Darker than Black may be taken as an action anime, but I prefer to think of it as a philosophical, Sci-fi mystery. It poses the question of whether emotions are truly necessary for a sapient being to be described as a 'human', and whether or not that truly deserves its place. Darker than Black was the first taste for me, of the sheer amount of philosophical thought that can come from anime, although it has only a light effect on DtB, it was a beginning for me.


Review: Credits to myself!

3. Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai


Now this is an anime put here purely because of how much I enjoyed it. Treating life like an eroge must be amazing. Keima, although sort of insufferable at the beginning, grows on you, showing a high amount of character development, affected, though he hates to admit, by the fact that he'll never obtain a true ending for himself. Primarily a Rom-com, Kami-nomi was a recommendation I saw after watching Amagami, both highly unique in their own ways, both shaping my anime experiences.

Review: Upcoming manga review by myself and Rockmandash12!

2. Bakuman


Bakuman was also a reluctant watch for me, because I was very skeptical of watching anything that had above 50 episodes. But then I came to loathe the fact that it would end. Bakuman depicted a dream, of achieving that goal in life, by working as hard as necessary. I found it highly personal, and it even pushed me to do stuff, something even my mom could never do.

Review: There's no review for this?!

1. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso


Music can change lives. This is fact affirmed many times throughout the course of Shigatsu, and driven home deeply, by the ending. The anime waxes poetic through its mellifluous language, excellent art and animation, and of course, the deeply emotional music pieces. The sound of the piano resonated with me, pushing me beyond my limits. I started to play the piano and violin again.

Review: Credits to mdubs!


So that's the end of the first list out of five that will be released, soon. I hope you found this list sort of entertaining, and of course, don't be afraid to argue with me over placing. It's only an Opinion after all, and as we all know, those differ by the day.