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And here we are already at November. I’m not really happy with those monthly posts so I’m changing that from now on. I’ll continue writing about Manga, Light Novel (and hopefully soon Visual Novels) though.


Denkigai no Honya-san #1-5
by Mizu Asato

A Comedy about the employees of Umanohone (basically a fictional Toranoana) which is mainly a Bookstore specialized on Manga/Light Novel/Doujinshi. Mizu Asato has her own kind of humor that is standing out from other Comedy’s that’s for sure. I would say this is not as quite out there as some of her other works and being mostly about Otaku Culture should be quite relatable to anyone who is into that. All the Characters have some quirks and there are romantic developments in the story. Strongly recommend by me and should be enjoyable to a lot of people. I simply adore her Manga in general, too.


Hatena☆Illusion #1
by Matsu Tomohiro (Author) and Yabuki Kentaro (Illustration)

To get this out of the way first Yabuki’s Illustrations are as good as expected. The setting is interesting, too. Makoto is moving to Tokyo to become a magician apprentice under the father of his childhood-friend Kana Hoshisato. He is not aware that her Mother Maev can create magical artifacts and that those got scattered around the world and are now abused by bad people. To get those artifacts back she took up the mantle of a phantom thief. Too bad that the phantom thief part of the story is only relevant in the prologue and then again in the last chapter. Maev is only there in the prologue and Mamoru (Kana’s Father) is only there in the first chapter and in the last one. Most of the content is more or less about school and about the relationship between Kana and Makoto. Kana wants to kick out Makoto, since she doesn’t want to live together with a boy. The Hoshisato’s live in a western mansion and employ Butler Jeeves, Maid Emma and there’s also Kana’s little sister Yumemi living there. Then there’s also Kokomi who is Kana’s other childhood-friend and her bodyguard Maria. The school Kana and Makoto are going to used to be an girls-school till the term before. So only a few boys go to that school beside Makoto and the only thing I remember about them is that they where collecting information about the girls there. One of the problems this volume had is that Emma, Yumemi and Kokomi are more interesting than Kana despite there being less focus on them. While there are some parts that where fun to read a lot of the writing feels like the author is simply going through the motions. The prologue made me look forward to some phantom thief action, but there isn’t much of that in here. There are some other weird things in there like writing about the group selection for an school trip, but there is nothing written about the trip itself and everyone is just a bit closer at school due to the trip in the next chapter. While it’s not unreadable bad it is clearly lacking and that’s despite having potential to be a lot better. It clearly does show that the whole book was rewritten 3-times as the author said in the afterword. I can’t really recommend it based on the first volume. There is simply plenty of better stuff around. I did read that the quality is getting better with the second volume though.


Ana Satsujin #5
by Ra-son

With the developments in #4 I was sure that the series is ending with the next volume, but it’s not over yet. I’m not quite sure if it wouldn’t have been the better idea to just end the series with what happened at the end of this volume. This would have left some questions open, but I don’t think everything has to be answered. No clue where the series will head now.


Valkyria Nainen Kikan #4
by Kijima Renga

Overall not really a series that stands out, pretty normal Battle Harem Mecha-Musume Manga. I guess it’s enjoyable enough to not drop it and I’m a bit fond of it due to being one the first few physical Manga I read in Japanese. It’s far from being a must-read so far though.


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