Somehow I only read Manga in October so no Light Novels this time. There are also plenty of Manga this time that are done by a Author & Mangaka Duo instead of just a Mangaka. I’ll keep writing Illustration for whoever is drawing them in a Light Novel and Mangaka for whoever is drawing a Manga. As a side effect that should also make obvious which works are Manga and which are Light Novels from now on.


Aizawa-san Zoushoku #2
by Shiki Seiichi

After quickly resolving the problem at the end of the last volume, most of the time is spent on getting our pair on their first date. The pacing got noticeable slower here and it’s less Comedy and more SoL this time. Even the multiple other Aizawa-san’s weren’t much of a focus this time. It’s still a pretty nice read overall.


Kantai Collection -KanColle- Dengeki Comic Anthology Sasebo Chinjufu #5
by Various Artists

Obviously this Month will have a KanColle Anthology, too. Should be the first time that Amatsukaze and Isokaze appear in one of these. There was also a KanColle-Version of Urashima Tarou in it this time.

Ooyome-san wa Shishunki! #2
by Minase Ruruu

After reading the second volume I’m a lot more fond of the series than after only reading the first one. Now thinking about it I was comparing it with basically the best series that Kirara has to offer, while the Kirara imprint is slightly different from the normal Manga Time stuff. Most of the chapters are build around the classic Summer Festival. Funny how characters keep growing on one in a 4Koma despite there not being much development.


Tenkuu Shinpan #5
by Miura Tsuina (Author) and Oba Takahiro (Mangaka)

The story starts with Yuri coming to herself in a strange place and being directly confronted by a masked man pulling an axe out from someone’s head. The way Tenkuu Shinpan begins is pretty much like that of a normal Horror series, but it’s more Battle Royale’ish than that. It does add it’s own flavor to the whole Battle Royale theme though. Everything in this world happens at the top of skyscrapers that are connected via hanging bridges. There is no way to get to the ground besides jumping from the top of a skyscraper. There are also plenty of other people besides our masked friends in this world. Tenkuu Shinpan is quite captivating and I usually only put the volume down when I’m done with it.

Missile to Plancktone #1
by Tanaka Romeo (Author) and Tsuitsui Taishi (Mangaka)

The first chapter is introducing the Missile Club and everything after that is focusing on one of the Members while advancing the main plot. Starting with the Vice President Tatsuko Sachi and the President of the Club Oumi Shouta. Sachi is mostly managing the Club on her own while Souta keeps slacking off. We soon learn that Sachi is just acting out her role as a genius from a prestigious school to fit as the Vice President and to be near Shouta. Shouta is showing up even less at the Club after the child-like Onda Midori appears. He starts spending all his time doting on her instead. Obviously Sachi is really jealous of her... up to this point the series only seems to be a really good School Life RomCom or something similar, but those events lead into revealing what is actually going on. Seriously what Romeo pulls her as part of the world-building would be the main-twist that other works are completely build around. I don’t want to spoil anything, but their actual situation could only be called hopeless. The characters in Missile to Plancktone feel like actual individuals and act more or less realistic in their situation. They already seem distinctive even before they are the focus of the story. This is a really great Manga the writing is top-notch and I strongly recommended it anyone.


Missile to Plancktone #2
by Tanaka Romeo (Author) and Tsuitsui Taishi (Mangaka)

Everything is slowly crumbling and there’s even more despair. Even just thinking now about everything that happens makes me kinda sad. Same quality level as the volume before. It’s not just the story, but Tsuitsui Taishi’s drawing look really nice, too. He’s also the Mangaka for the Nisekoi Magical Girl Spin-Off if anyone is reading that.

Shirobako ~Ueyama Koukou Animation Doukoukai~ #1
by Sugihara Kenji (Author) and Mizutama (Mangaka)


This is not an Adaption of the Anime instead it is telling us the story about how everyone met and how they formed their club to make an Anime. At the same time it’s dealing with how everyone is choosing their career-path and the troubles that come with those decisions. What can I say it’s more Shirobako and it’s good. The only thing that is slightly different from the Anime are some slight yuri’ish moments here and there. Worth reading for anyone who already liked the Anime.

by Tokunou Shoutarou

While the first volume mostly dealt with Suzukaze Aoba getting used to working at a Game Developer, the second volume is about the end phase of the game production and the release of the game. For me personally is NEW GAME on the same level as GochiUsa and KinMoza and my favorite work when it comes to the cute girls working genre. The Mangaka actually worked at a Game Developer before and is bringing his knowledge into this. I’m also super hyped about the Anime adaption. Anyone into Kirara’s Moe 4Koma series should check this out.