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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season 3 Delayed Indefinitely

Illustration for article titled iMy Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU/i Season 3 Delayed Indefinitely

Director Kei Oikawa announced via his twitter account today that the third adaptation of the popular romantic comedy series has been delayed indefinitely due to production issues. “Unfortunately, coronavirus has forced our studio to shut down operations for an undefined period of time,” a haggard-looking Oikawa told Mainichi News on Tuesday. “We tried to devise a way to keep production going remotely, but it just wasn’t organizationally possible coordinate properly.”


“I can’t believe how lazy production staff are these days,” huffed one experienced anime fan. “They didn’t halt production for Ebola or Swine Flu! Why now?”

Covid-19, a disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has in fact infected more people than Ebola. While Japan has reported thousands of cases of Covid-19 to date, the country was spared by the Ebola epidemic.


“It’s a cold,” said another anime profile on Twitter. “Why are these people afraid of a cold? Just show us how Yukino wins already. When this comes out, I’m going to pirate it in protest.”

Despite anime profile’s complaints, they are unlikely to be pleased. In the final light novel of the series, which released in Japan in November, it is revealed that Iroha wins.


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