There are many shows airing this spring, but one of them has thus far stood out to me in particular: Dexomega Days. Now, I know what you might be thinking: why would some generic-looking harem show about a guy and a bunch of wowcats seem appealing? Well, call it wish fulfillment if you want, but the idea of having a harem of Dexomegas all to myself is both appealing to me and to just about anyone, if you really think about it.

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So what is the story of Dexomega days, exactly? One day, a boy named Makoto is allowed into a prestigious school that only allows the greatest students in the world to attend on a fluke- and discovers that he is the only non-Dexomega in attendance. Struck with opportunity, Makoto makes a move on every single one of them, and earns quite a few kitty scratches for his efforts. However, his futile attempts to catch himself a (cat)man are very relatable, and as each Dexomega steadily joins his harem, the show becomes more and more entertaining. After all, who doesn't want to see a Dexomega cat-fight?

For what it's worth though, the show has one flaw: this could NEVER happen in real life. First off, there's only one true Dexomega, and he's damn good at playing hard to get, as any priest of the Church of Dexomega will attest to. So really, even though this show is supposed to be super realistic otherwise, its premise makes it difficult to pull off.


Forunately, Dexomega Days does have one element of realism: as Makoto's harem continues to grow, his life is increasingly put in danger, until one Dexomega goes yandere and kills him after finding out that Makoto had been collecting multiple Dexomegas without telling him. The death is brutal, as expected of Dexomega's rage.

Overall, some might call Dexomega Days government propaganda, and they'd be right. But why should that stop us from loving the various -dere Dexomegas and their various antics as a boy tries to win them over? The best part of the show for me though would have to be the potential merchandise opportunities, I already have like fifty or so stuffed DexomegaDolls (tm) in my house, but a special edition School Dexomega would be an excellent edition or two to my collection.

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