My Impressions on: Hoshi Mamoru Inu

If you cried with Your Lie In April, you will be Weeping for Weeks with this one.


An Open Field, Sunflowers,the sounds of the Dragonflies, Police Officers, A Ruined Car, Two Bodies. One of A Man and another of an Animal Specifically a Dog, The man has been death for over a Year. The Dog...Only Three Months.

With that Opening Scene is how one of the most beautiful Mangas that i have Read in the recent years starts.

Hoshi Mamoru Inu is the Story of Happy the dog , from when he was such a litle Dog that a Kid ,Miku, bringed to her home and how was his life with his new family, With Mom who gives him Food, and Dad who takes him ut to walk.


But Time Passes and Life does it with it. Soon Miku stops playing and bathing him, Mom stops feeding him, And now Dad is the one who takes care of him.

And in the end, after a Divorce, made not because the lack of love but because Mom just didn´t fell like taking care of Dad and his Illness. Both Dad and Happy will go on a Journey to the south, a Journey that will end in a Field full of Sun Flowers.


Hoshi Mamoru Inu is a Manga that magnificently Show us the beauty and the ugly of the situations that a Working Family has, from things like Monetary Problems, Childs that when they become Teenagers starts rebelling against their Fathers, the difficulty for an Old and Sick men to get a new Job.

Also it show us some beatiful sea scenery when Dad and Happy goes to their Journey to the South. In that moment the Manga magnificently changes to a beatiful Journey History, where both Dad and Happy will confront problems like the Lack of money, and diseases -In the case of Happy Kidney Stones- and a Homeless Kid, who even though is not a bad Kid per see, ended up Hurting -not physically- them.


Much Like Your Lie in April, Hoshi Mamoru Inu Contains both the beautiful of the Life, even when the things aren´t going your way, an Spirit that even if the things are grim, you will keep going forward until the Bitter end, and that life is a worthy experience, even if you lived short or not in the best Position.

Besides the Main Story, The Volume it also reveals a nice Epilogue Chapter centered around Okutsu, a 50 something Social Worker, and what happened after the discovery of Dad´s Car (Or Mr. Maeda) and his Dog.


This Story is a nice follow up who closes in a sublime way the only doubts that were left in the first story. And my only complain is that it somewhat doesn´t feel so emotionally powerful as the Happy´s Story.

Also this manga was awarded as the No.1 Platina Book in 2010.

If you wanna read it you can buy it on Amazon (English) or the Kamite (Spanish) Version at the cost of $120 Pesos (Available in Sanborns)


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