I guess I might as well just say it, I like idol anime. I don't know why. Maybe because it fills the same general function of harem anime(ie, get a large cast of attractive female characters of all different shapes, sizes, and personalities together in one place) but without a bumbling, idiotic main character to take away screen time from the ladies and there is generally speaking less forced fanservice as a result and we get some rather good song performance scenes instead? Yeah let's just go with that. Anyways, Love Live! is one of the better made idol anime series around, and to say it is a popular franchise in Japan is a vast understatement. I mean have you seen those people who go around decked out in what is essentially armor comprised entirely of Love Live! goods like character buttons/pins and whatnot?

And I like Love Live!. For good reason, it has some damn good animation(especially for an idol anime), and the songs are really, really good. I honestly highly suggest watching it. Moving on, in Love Live! there are 9 main characters who form the idol group Muse and my favorite member is the diminutive idol fangirl Nico Yazawa, pictured above. So needless to say, I reserved her Nendoroid when pre-orders opened in the summer last year. So let's take a look at this particular Nendo, shall we?

WHOA, new background! Yeah. I changed around where I'm gonna be taking my figure pics from now on. Now you guys get to see the scuffed up desk my TV/computer are on. Anyways, like always I start with the box, and this box is tiny. At first I honestly didn't think I got her when the package carrying her came in the mail due to how small it is. I honestly didn't know Nendos came in boxes this small, but that seems to be the case with the Nendos that don't have too many "special" parts.


And here she is out of the box, but still in her translucent carbonite prison.

Here she is in her default form.


And here's her first cute pose.

Here she is doing her trademark/famous "Nico Nico Nii" pose and catchphrase, which can be seen in action below:



And here she is with another cute pose.

And another cute pose.


And finally the pose I'm displaying her in. This isn't one of the official poses. Rather I just threw together different parts to make a pose I liked.

So that's Nico's Nendoroid. Not much in the way of poses. I mean sure there are many cute poses, but unlike all my other Nendos, aside from her Nico Nico Nii pose, none of her poses are that iconic to Nico herself and are just generic "cute" poses. And they are cute, don't get me wrong. I just wished for a bit more. Oh well, I'm more than happy with this Nendo, so that doesn't really matter much.