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My Favorite Themes From Not-so-Good Anime

So for today’s 12 Days of AniTAY, I wanted to get back in the fun side of things, and post some of my favorite themes from bad, crap, or trashy anime series. Maybe they’re catchy, or have good energy, or who knows, but these were themes that were probably better than their associated series deserved.

Note: YMMV of course on whether any of the following series are bad/crap/trash/etc.


Domestic na Kanojo OP

Not so much a crap anime, slightly more on the trash end, as the characters are such flawed people. But either way, “Crying for Rain” is just a fantastic song, and seems to match up wonderfully, looks like with themes of trying to figure out love, heartbreak, and similar.


Eromanga-sensei OP

Ahh, Eromanga-sensei. The show that launched a thousand “Eromanga is trash and so am I” comments on Reddit. All that said, I love the bouncy energy of “Hitorigoto”, the opening.


Girly Air Force OP and ED

Girly Air Force was... disappointing. But the OP, “Break the Blue”, has that great driving energy that I love in a theme. Meanwhile, the ED, “Colorful Wing” also carries a good techno beat into a fun poppy lyric.

Goblin Slayer OP

Okay, so Goblin Slayer may be more in “controversial” than bad/trash. But “Rightfully” makes for a great dramatic opening.


Imouto-sae ED

Okay, so we’re definitely in the trashy anime category, although having said all that, I think there’s actually a really great story hiding underneath the trashy bits. And the ending provides a gentle counterpoint taking us out of each episode.


Knight’s & Magic OP

Again, more of a middling show, but with a great opening, “Hello! My World!” by fhána, with fantastic energy perfectly appropriate for the show.


Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka OP

I posted this the other day in my Favorite 2019 Themes post as well, but “KODO” is a way better opening than the disappointment that was this show deserved. (Also, really, such a shame about the show, because the themes they wanted to explore could’ve made for a really great deconstruction-style show again.)


Monster Musume ED

Yup yup, ecchi show, “Anime is trash and so am I”, all true. Once again though, that energy pulsing through the ending, I just love it.


ImoImo OP

ImoImo pulls off the twofer of being trash AND bad! But “Secret Story”, the opening, is just fun and catchy, and so is sort of a guilty pleasure favorite.


Tsugumomo ED

Tsugumomo - the show (and manga) of epic battle scenes, surrounded by the author’s desire to show all his female characters naked at some point (as I understand things). I’m totally down for a season 2. But in the meantime, the ED’s up there on my list.


Okaasan Online ED

I mean, I’m a sucker for Ai Kayano anyway, but while the anime is so trashy, I kinda like the ED ;p (And I get a kick out of the visuals in the actual ED, too.)


So... what’s your favorite theme from a crap show?

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