Muv Luv Alternative Western Release Cancelled

TOKYO, JAPAN - In what will be unfortunate news for the many fans in AniTAY, it has been said by our sources that the western release of the beloved Muv Luv franchise will now be a partial release. Muv Luv Extra and Unlimited will be coming out as usual but the Alternative segment of the franchise has been what many call a permanent delay.

“The top brass are afraid that the West aren’t ready for the kind of story shift that happens in Alternative” says one source with contacts within Age, “I mean harem high school life is what the dream is all about, am I right?”


Apparently, the driving concern in the Western release was the expansion of H content throughout the game. “Western fans are notorious for complaining about the lack of, or censorship of the content we create so to meet their demands, we’ve been nonstop 24 hours a day trying to add more gratuitous content to every scene we can in the hopes that we satisfy the fans”

But the Alternative section of the game rewrites the whole franchise which has many worried. They don’t believe that’s why the almost $1.3 million dollars was pledged to back the release, not when there’s so many people pirating other games.

In unrelated news, it seems that the executives of Age are all out taking a vacation in Tahiti this week and weren’t available for any comment.

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