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(Mon)day AniTAY Café

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What are you favorite anime convention memories? I ask this knowing that some haven’t gone to any conventions, so if that is the case feel free to make one up.


I would make one up but the true story is actually better in this case. On Saturday at Naka-kon, Critical Hit (the band co-founded by Jason Hayes, composer of World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games) had a concert. Following that performance, Nobuo Uematsu (the Final Fantasy composer, for those that don’t know), performed on stage with the Earthbound Papas, which is essentially a boy band of middle aged Japanese composers and is awesome. Then, something amazing happened: during the encore, Uematsu and Hayes both came on stage and performed together. I was at the front of the concert room, so it was pretty amazing.

Header from Sword Art Online.

Storytime with Storm

So I was gone at Naka-kon all weekend (more on that later), and then got my wisdom teeth pulled. I didn’t want to put the cafe off a week though (I have a rule that if it isn’t up by Monday then we skip the week) since I’ve missed a couple of weeks lately with other work.


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