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(Mon)day Ani-TAY Cafe: Change Edition

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So I thought it was worth mentioning why the cafes have been going up so late the past couple of weeks: I’m in Hawaii right now. Most of the other authors already know this, but just in case you don’t... I’ll be back next week though so no more early Monday morning sessions!


Header from Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace, winner of the ‘nonsensical title of the season’ award. Just kidding, that goes to Shimoneta.


So I like to keep things fresh around here, so I’m actually going to change the cafe up a bit over the next couple of weeks with some new sections and fancy stuff since this is kind of the unifying thingy on here. I want to make the cafes a bit more exciting every week. These new sections will appear irregularly, or that is to say, whenever I feel like it.


Storytime With Storm

This section will include the musings of me, Protonstorm, about life and the universe and will be on cafes on the occasion. Sometimes there will be music.


I’ve been considering writing an article about how Japanese Hawaii is. I mean, you might have heard that Hawaii is where many Japanese go to vacation, and it totally is. The signs around here are all in Japanese and I’ve had interesting encounters. To give you an idea, the other day I was at one of the hot tubs by a pool and a Japanese guy got in and sat on the opposite end of the pool. We kind of just looked at each other occasionally (I know he was Japanese because I had heard him talking to his wife earlier). We looked at each other for a while, and then wordlessly went our separate ways.

I feel like we have some sort of bond of brotherhood now.


This section is what the basic cafe had before.

Okay, so I’ve been thinking lately about reviewing and how I review and such, and I’ve got to say: if there was one element that can influence me heavily on a show, it’s the music. Like, if a show has a good opening and/or ending, I can look past the rest of it for a while (like Kantai Collection!). So on that, is there any element of shows that might stick out to you like that? Are there any shows that you have been able to look past the bad because of that?


Answer of the Week

This section will show up every once and a while where I will answer someone else’s question about something in the most absurd way possible. Feel free to ask the question below (LABEL it ‘question of the week’) or send it to me over skype (user ID is Protonstorm). If I decide to do this section one week and there aren’t any questions, I will ask someone for one or make one up, such as below:

(imaginary) MaelwysSC113: Proton, I have a problem. I see conspiracies everywhere. What do I do?


Answer: Maelwys, I’m glad you asked this question, because I’m going to be honest. We Ani-TAY authors worry about you and your crazy conspiracies, not because we fear for your safety but because we fear for our own. Now, there are multiple courses of action for getting rid of this problem, and as your friend I say that the easiest solution is to pet a certain yellow-haired wowcat while breathing into a bag slowly every day for the rest of your life. This has been proven to cure just about anything, from cancer to being Libertarian.

A Week of Ani-TAY

I’ve added a section here for a random drop from weeks past, just in case you want to randomly look at older articles for fun.


Kevin and I have decided to move the roundup of weekly articles to a separate place, check out the Ani-TAY Drop for this week.


Random Ani-TAY Week:


What Is Ani-TAY?

For those of you visiting for the first time (or not, I don’t know) and wondering just what exactly you’re looking at right now, here’s a document explaining our blog and wonderful community:


Business Stuff

Want in on the Ani-TAY action? All you need to do is follow this tutorial and tag your article with Ani-TAY in addition to the other tags you see fit. Also remember that the Café has a selection of image assets for your Ani-TAY writing needs and spreadsheets for coordinating with your fellow Ani-TAY writers.


Looking to get involved in some collaboration projects? We currently have some openings for future iterations of Project Hydra, so if you’re interested mark which shows you haven’t seenhere and then sign up in blank spots here.


Among other things, the Ani-TAY Podcast may just randomly pull from authors to participate in the After-Hours segments.

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