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The new Cross Project of Level-5. It will have a 3DS Game and an Anime in 2017.

Not much details were given other than besides the anime and the game (an RPG) it will have toys; although the history has been revealed and Gematsu describes it as follows:

Megaton Musashi is set on Earth in the year 2118. Invaders from outer space called “Dorakuta” destroyed the planet in a matter of days eliminated 90 percent of mankind, creating a donut hole in the Earth and turning it into an alien nest. The main characters pilot giant machines called “Musashi” to combat the Dorakuta. However, memories of mankind’s downfall have been erased from the minds of the remaining human race, who were evacuated to a high-defense “Shelter” at the time of the Dorukatua’s invasion. The main characters seem to be the “chosen” whose minds were not erased.”


Via: Gematsu


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