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Medabots Reboot Confirmed

In the current trend of old anime properties with a modicum of nostalgia being re-adapted into new series and movies (Pokemon Origins, Digimon Tri, Gundam the Origin), the time has come for the best ever Pokemon ripoff robot fighting series to be remade for the 2010s.

No, not Zoids: Medabots.

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With studio Madhouse (the current management of which was quoted saying “normally, we’d consider making a sequel series before even attempting this, but when we saw what the American dub did to the show, we knew that we had to get on that shit”), director Hideki Anno (quoted saying “okay, this, THEN I’ll get started on Eva 4.44"), and script writer Gen Urobuchi (“I swear, I’m not doing this as penance for the second season of Aldnoah.Zero. Or Psycho-Pass 2") coming together for this one project, nothing seems real anymore.

While a premiere date has yet to be set, we can be sure to expect fifth graders sending sentient robots to fight on their behalf, while talking smack with one another, in a show that will undoubtedly age gracefully.

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