Hello everyone,

I have been attending the London MCM Comic con since October 2011 with a group of friends. The Convention is held on the last full weekend of May and October at the London ExCel Centre and has been steadily growing in size from when I first attended from 62000 in 2011 to over 100,000 people across the whole weekend.

This year has also been the first year where Friday has been a full day (it was formerly a half day) and so this is the first comic con where I have been for three whole days.

Well that’s the boring stuff out of the way. Here’s what I really want to share with you all:

The stuff I bought:

I have found the best days for shopping are on Friday and Sunday; Friday is generally the least busy day of the con and will always have the freshest stock that you can get you hands on and Sunday you can grab the best bargains of whats left. I managed to grab a large amount of DVDs on the Friday and Sunday and something a little fishy by Junji Ito.


Friday’s wallet crushing purchases...


... and today’s bargains.

And of course the other reason I attend twice a year:

The Cosplayers:

I am by no means a great photographer but I always make an effort to try and take as many pictures as possible across the weekend. In contrast to the shopping the best day to take photographs is usually the Saturday as that is the day with the most people attending, and has sold out for the past year.


Here is a gallery of pictures I took across the weekend. On the off chance any of you other Ani-Tay members were at the convention this weekend please share you photos down below!