No, it is not Koharun. This is only the beginning, let’s get really crazy! Chaos will reign as the Lost Village starts to lose it’s mind.

Sorry I missed last week. End of semester shenanigans, yadda yadda. So let’s talk about these two absurd episodes! The group of four who tried to torture Mitsumune run out into the woods, where they come to grips with their fears and mental hangups. And look, all of these four backstories is pretty sad and depressing on their own. But what it leads to is incredibly hilarious. I mean being chased by a silicon monster straight out of Starship Troopers? Or an evil Thomas the Tank Engine? Or a giant demented penguin?


Oh also, poor one out for Dahara. Dude got NTR’ed the eff out by Koharun and Valkana. That was as savage as I think I’ve ever seen.

But that’s enough about episode 6, I want to talk about the latest one, where things start to devolve so quickly and so deliciously.


TFW you when you love one twin so much less than the other that you erase him from your memory

We finally find out what Tokimune is. He was Mitsumune’s twin brother, who died. His mother preferred and loved Tokimune so much more than Mitsumune, that when he died, she lost her mind. She breaks from reality and completely forgets about Mitsumune, forcing Mitsumune and his father to pretend he is Tokimune for years. WHAT? It’s a really messed up situation, but if you stop and think about for more than a second, the more absurd it seems.


Masaki tells our Generic Replacement-kun that they will have to face those fears if they want to return to the real world. Which in case you forgot, is a silicon monster, an evil cackling train and a demented penguin. That demented penguin punches the crap out of Replacement-kun so now these illusions have crossed over to the physical world. Great!

Like look at this. Neutralize? What in the world. Are we in a military? Neutralize a 14 year old girl? This is such a great example of the unintentional comedy Lost Village presents us.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group comes to the conclusion that Masaki is a ghost who is the ringleader terrorizing everyone and bringing monsters to the village! Mikage is the one that finally points out that the monsters are different for everyone, and they’re related to their individual problems from their real life. This leads to Maimai actually opening up about her hangup to the group. She fought a best friend over a guy who coincidentally looked like Mitsumune, and ended up losing all her friends in the process. She’s now the second person to reveal her problems, after Valkana, and I think they will both be safe going forward. Or maybe not. Who knows! But that’s not important because it’s time to torture the truth out of Masaki.


When you’re more stab-happy than LovePon is, you know you’re crazy nuts insane

Speedstar is a male yandere for Mitsumune! I was definitely not expecting this. Speedstar wants to save Generic Replacement-kun from Masaki, and the rest of the group have another hilarious group debate about what to use against her, salt, a stake, or a cross. When they do actually find her, they instead tie her up reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials.

Of course it’s LovePon who wants to get to the stabbing part quickly, but it’s Speedstar and his crazy eyes that actually draws blood. Mitsumune tries to stop him, but Valkana and the others hold him down so Speedstar can continue the stabbing! Masaki’s secret gets cut off, angering I think all of us still watching this glorious trainwreck. We’ll have to wait for next week for the reveal.


This whole situation escalated so quickly and drastically that it’s ludicrously entertaining. I called it Lord of the Flies: The Anime, and we’ve already found our Piggy in Masaki. We’re past the halfway point and a lot more people than I thought have continued to hang around. Everyone’s already a little crazy, I hope the situation keeps devolving and the paranoia begins to grip all parties involved. And maybe we’ll lose a few people in the process!