30 assholes in the wild, 30 assholes in the wild! One disappears, pass him around, 29 assholes in the wild!

Our cold open this week starts with trying to find our two disappeared friends Yottsun and Masaki. Which quickly then leads to more evidence of a bear-like monster roaming around the place. And a lot of growling and a freaky eye thing in the woods. I’m still holding on strong to this is all a red herring that will be explained later, but I can’t help but ... this can’t be a monster show can it?

Don’t go this direction Mayoiga please

Turns out Yottsun sees something and disappears? It’s hard to tell where he actually disappears from. It seems like he goes into a house, but Masaki somehow ends up deep in the woods? Well OK then.

Be prepared, a lot of LovePon time will be spent in this episode and here as well. She’s just a special person.


Of course, our special MC-kun believes what a cute girl tells him after he meets her not 24 hours after he meets her. Believes her and stands up for her too! You go Generic-kun.

Yes, let the hate for Generic-kun flow through you Masaki!

Generic-kun and Masaki have a talk, where Masaki tells him not to stand up for her. But Masaki cringes and runs away when Generic-kun tells her she hasn’t done anything wrong. Hmmm. Probably because she’s lying and killed Yottsun.


Preach it brother!

My man Speedstar coming in with that steaming hot truth.

A farm! Well that’s convenient. I hope those crops aren’t laced with anything. I can’t make too many jokes here, this might be the first sensible decision this group has made since the show began. Or it could all be a trap ...


Textbook tsundere. Also a decent argument for why “nice guys” are way overrated. Wait, I’m a “nice guy”. Oh fuc-

Maimai keeps up her tsundere tact with Generic-kun but I think something deeper is going on with her. I think she’s been burned by a guy she loved and so hates Generic-kun because he’s really similar to that guy in her past life. Or I’m attributing deeper motives to these characters than the writers did. Who knows?

Now we get to Proton’s favorite character, Jack. After some light confrontations with Hyoketsu no Judgeness (What a name), he comes back to kill the dude with a hoe! Turns out Jack has some background in Juvy because of his response to bullying. He stabbed a classmate. Wow, just wow. He also still hasn’t had a line since he introduced himself back in episode 1. Generic-kun comes to his rescue, but this time he might be right. Which eventually leads us to a basement prison. Yup, nothing creepy about that!


Apropos of nothing, here’s some LovePon. There’s like 5 other times she screams for an execution this episode.
Backstory incoming!

And we also get some time with Valkana (angry dude) and Koharun (Guide #2) and some background as to why Valkana is so stressed out all the time. It’s an interesting backstory and may change some minds on their feelings for Valkana. On the other hand, if you hate Valkana with a burning passion, let me let you in on a little trope: Valkana and Koharun are definitely going to live for a long while.


Our finale is with Generic-kun, Maimai and LovePon, who’s just amazing to watch but a dangerous lunatic if I was forced to be close to her. She’s got some tragic backstory that will definitely be explained in a later episode but for now, let’s just believe she’s freaking crazy.

A bra? Get out of here Japan. Do they have swimming pools? What the hell is with this trope?

And this needs to be a whole rant, because this is so dumb. LovePon is strangling Generic-kun to death in a river. I was too busy cheering and celebrating in my room to notice what happens next. She’s killing him! Drowning him in a river! And he breathes once and notices her shirt is obviously wet and he can see her bra, and blushes. ANIME WHY? HE’S ABOUT TO DIE. Do we seriously need this right now? And of course with special ANIME EMBARRASSMENT POWERS he escapes from death to my dismay.


I hate you SO much Generic-kun. So so much. And of course, Generic-kun runs off in a random direction with his eyes closed because. And we see the dead body of Yottsun float on down the river.

YESSSSSSS! Here we go! Let’s do this folks! Burn the whole thing down!