Well we can always go this direction, can’t we?

In my predictions last week, I was debating whether this series was going to go through everyone’s backstories and try and develop them into people worth caring about. To help us understand how people can join a morbid tour like this, scare their families and fake suicide for this flimsy new life. Or at the very least, make me care about them.

But nope, after this episode, I hate all of them and am eagerly awaiting their eminent deaths.

Let’s start from the top, and the despicable way they left the bus driver in the lurch. It’s not just Valkana, the hip-hop guy Yottsun and others leaving this bus driver by himself out in the middle of nowhere, but the tour guide Dahara-san feigning innocence of ever telling the bus driver to go out into the wild this far. At first, I thought Mikage’s plan to leave the bus driver their wallets was a reasonable plan. Maybe Bus Driver guy can make some extra money from this? But instead, we see all of their wallets are empty; it all was an excuse to leave him there. Something comes to and knocks on the bus door at the end of the scene when he’s alone, but what exactly or who it is, we don’t know.

Let’s not forget the PDA couple. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The less said, the better, but I’m sure everyone is annoyed with them too.


Preach it brother!

Now, good god, this MC must have been hand-crafted by Diomedea to piss me off. I can’t stand this character type. The so completely stupid, naive and gullible type who speaks his whatever he’s thinking out loud. Some people may find it endearing, but I freaking hate it with the passion of a burning sun. If it weren’t for some other people in this tour, I’d wish for his death first, because his stupidity only gets worse in a few minutes. Freaking Speedstar with the quote of the episode.

Hayato dropping truth bombs all over


I’d also like to talk about the “flashback” we saw with the MC Mitsumune and Hayato/Speedstar. I’m going to continue believing that the MC is not all right in the head, and this part only furthers my belief. You would think that in the flashback to their younger years, they would change their voices somewhat, no? But no, they don’t change voices at all, which makes me think that this flashback is all in Mitsumune’s head, or that the events happened in a different way, but Mitsumune is misremembering for whatever reason.

And the “bear print”. Yeah, bear prints don’t look like that. I have no idea what did make them. For now, I’ll consider it a red herring to distract us from my theory: Everybody gonna kill each other.

We get to the village and it’s completely abandoned. Woohoo! What did they expect they’d find, a five-star hotel? These people are so self-entitled and ignorant. Sure, they may have had shitty lives before (And I don’t think we’ll ever find anything about those lives at this point) but they’re just trying to escape reality and expect everything to be perfectly set up on a silver platter. On the other hand, Dahara-san definitely scammed these people. They’d never been to the village either and were obviously looking for money too.


Lion continues her now 2 episode streak of not being the least bit subtle. Hint hint, we’re all going to die!

Valkana, for once, says the most sensible thing! They got here, make the best of it! MC continues his bewildering quest to anime his way into Masaki’s heart, but instead he’s taken by Meimei and Puuko. Meanwhile Yottsun the rapper guy and his friend (Who I think is Toshi Boy) size up the females because that’s what you do when you join a cult trip. Meanwhile, MC has probably the most insane and infuriating segment with Meimei I think I’ve ever seen.

*Repeatedly bangs head on desk*


Who in the hell actually talks like this? Better yet, who actually talks like this and simultaneously doesn’t realize why Meimei would get pissed off? WTF? How dumb are you? A$#F#Q$V. God I hate him so much. He’s definitely going to survive, isn’t he?

Everyone returns from when they split up into groups to explore the town (HORROR MOVIE TROPE ALERT) and gasp two people are missing (TROPE TROPE TROPE). If you weren’t paying attention, you might think that the supernatural deaths and mysterious happenings start here. And yeah, the music definitely tries to get you to feel that way. But lol nope. The two people missing? Pukey, aka the MC’s eventual girlfriend and Yottsun the rapper. Because Yottsun is probably sexually assualting her somewhere. Just great.



Almost no one escapes this episode without being shitty. The survival guy with his “You don’t need woman because stamina dissent blah....except to preserve the species” bullshit. The nyaa girl. The PDA couple. The chuuni guy who hates Jack for having a not-at-all similar name. Mikage with his method of dumping the bus driver. And oh LovePon you special snowflake you:

Yeah! Level heads!

And with that, let’s play a game. Who do you not hate of these 30 people? It’s a small number. I guess my favorite character (which probably means she’s going to die) is Yuuno, the scarf lady. She was reasonable with the bus driver, and she hasn’t done anything shitty yet. Yet.


Far Left here

Well done, Mayoiga. I now welcome the deaths of pretty much everyone in this series. Instead of trying to understand these people, I’m now firmly in team “Everyone die, amuse me!”. And if it wasn’t for Yottsun’s despicable self, I’d want the MC to die first.

edit: I may be coming off as too harsh on the show, but I firmly believe that these characters aren’t supposed to be likable. We’ll see if anything changes going forward. I want to see where we go from here, but so far, let me reiterate that I hate some of the characters’ personalities, but not the show for those characters. Which is probably the show’s intent for all I know.