Hello, and welcome to your weekly rundown of Mayoiga here at AniTAY! I’m going to try my hand at doing two weekly shows (the other being Concrete Revolutio) and see how it goes. Notice that both of these are original anime and not from manga/LN/VN or any other source, and that’s a deliberate choice. I don’t read nearly as much of those as I assume most of you do. So covering an original anime is more fun for me because everyone is on the same page and we can all theorize together. And Mayoiga or The Lost Village seems like the perfect choice for me, since it’s genre is listed as mystery. So let’s dive into it, and start wildly speculating!

We start with our 30 characters riding a bus in the dead of night along the so called “First Life Do-Over Tour”. People across the internet, unhappy with their lives and wishing to run away or start over have gathered on this tour bus to the elusive village of Nanakimura. Instead of their real names, they give their internet names, though that may not be entirely important as I’ll detail later on. We also get mini introductions to all of our characters, their personalities and a little of their backstory, however vague that is.

Befitting the mysterious nature of our titular lost village, everyone has their own ideas of why the village is so mysterious, and why it hasn’t been found yet. And it’s readily apparent who are main characters is going to be: Mitsumune and the supertitious, and weak-stomached Masaki. Misumune clearly has a lot of issues at home (whether they are real, or imagined is something to consider, since Mitsumune’s clearly not totally all right in the head)


We also get really morbid songs for everyone to sing, and equally morbid word games about torture, and even forcing each other to read their suicide notes until they eventually drive our bus driver into a rage, and frankly I can’t really blame him. I can’t really empathize with people trying to run away from their lives, and certainly not with people who do it with such ease as if it was all a game. I’d probably react the same way the bus driver did! And of course, some teenage idiot complaining about adults starts attacking the bus driver while the bus is moving because that’s a smart thing to do.

We end with our second guide joining the tour bus, and on the edge of crossing the bridge into Nanakimura.

Now, time for the speculation. Just based on the premise, and the atmosphere of this first episode, I am almost positive that this is going to be some sort of mystery slasher series, with multiple people dying. It could also go into character introspection and helping each character overcome their own internal and external demons that brought them to this point, but I sincerely doubt it.


For one thing, with 30+ people and only 1 cour (for now anyway), we just don’t have enough time to spend with all of them in any meaningful way. We’ve also already edged into violence and attacking each other, given by the way certain people reacted to the bus driver. There’s also been some dialogue that hints at this not so subtly:

Now will it be a supernatural slasher, where the village houses something that will attack our 30 people, or will it be more of a psychological slasher where some part of the nature of the village will push our group to start attacking each other? Again, given the suspicion and violence that has already been hinted at, I’m sure it’s going to be the latter option.


Some more predictions? Mitsumune and Masaki will survive until the end, along with their seatmates Speedster and Lion. I can already tell Lion is going to be a fan favorite due to her character design and personality. Also, Angry Guy with the shadows under his eye ( Varukana) will probably either be our slasher or live for a long time too. And if I know my genre tropes at all, I think Lipstick girl (Maimai) is not long for this world.

So that’s what I think. We probably won’t see any deaths until episode 3 or 4, but then I think they’ll start coming faster than we expect. Whether Mayoiga will be a success or a disappointment will be in whether they get us to connect with at least some of these characters, and if they adequately explore the motives that drove people to join this tour bus into the unknown. That’s enough out of me, I’ll see you guys next week!