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Matt's Anime Thoughts 2018

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You all know that if there’s one thing your boy Matt likes to do, it’s watch a ton of anime.


This year I watched what most, if not all, would consider a healthy and substantial amount of anime. In fact, I watched at least part of 8 series. I feel, therefore, that I have a responsibility to contribute to the end of year discourse about the many anime that we have experienced together this year.

Shows I completed:

Major 2nd (24/24 episodes): The fact I watched 156 episodes of Major in the span of 3 months in 2017 should speak for itself, but Major, and by continuation Major 2nd, is one of the great sports stories of our time and should be watched by everyone.


Wotakoi (13/13 epsiodes): This was a nice romance series that happens to be quite funny. The OP is amazing too.

Shows I did not complete:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neu These: I’ve been reading the books and I enjoyed this adaptation quite a bit! The character designs are modern and cool.


Real Girl (9/12 episodes): I watched 9 episodes of this in the past week, and it’s a good and enjoyable romance even if Tsutsui gets pretty complainy.

My Hero Academia (13/24 episodes): I had been waiting for a year and a half to see the United States of Smash animated and it did not disappoint. I will probably just skip to the beginning of season 4. The OP, Odd Future, is also the best one so far for the series.


Sword Art Online Alicization (7/13 episodes): This is a good story-arc and I’m interested in seeing it animated. I’m impressed at how the animation quality has improved quite a bit compared to previous Sword Art Online. The OP is real good too.

Golden Kamuy (5/12 episodes): This author wrote an ice hockey manga so I feel obliged to support him in his endeavours. Surprisingly educational series that made me interested in learning more about Ainu culture.


Harukana Recieve (1/12 episodes): I don’t think this is the type of show I can watch comfortably anymore at my point in life.


Until next year my friends, and good luck watching more anime than I did!

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