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Märchen Mädchen gets an Anime adaptation

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Based on the Light Novels of the same name

The enwest volume of the Light Novel made by Tomohiru Matsu, “Märchen Mädchen” has revealed that an anime adaptation is in the works.


Anime News Network describes the story as follows:

“The novels center on Hazuki Kagimura, a normal girl who is usually alone. With her relationship with her new family not going so well, she retreats every day to the world of stories and books. One day, after school, one of the library’s bookshelves sends her to another world with a magic school, where she meets Shizuka Tsuchimikado. She finds out that girls (called “mädchen”) who attend the school are selected by old fairy tails and folk stories to wield their magic, and are taught how to wield it in the school. The school has girls who are chosen by such stories as Kaguya-hime no Monogatari, Issun-bōshi, Der Freischütz, Shuten-dōji, The Little Matchstick Girl, The Gigantic Turnip, Arthurian legends, and The Ramayana. Hazuki herself is chosen by the Cinderellastory. She begins her new life at the school to become a magic user, and be friends with Shizuka.”


The story concept is credited to Matsu, who made the argument before his passing and he is still credited as the author of this series.

Via: Anime News Network


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