Congratulations the sizable contingent of Your Lie in April fans here on Ani-TAY, you did it! Nanairo Symphony narrowly won the title of March's winning OP/ED! It will move on to the end of the year final poll to determine the overall winner of the OP/ED series.

Original post below:

The time has finally come to pit the winners of each week against each other to see what will be crowned the best OP/ED of March and move on to secure a spot in the end of the year voting!

The poll will be open until April 16th at 11:59pm EST.

Here are the entries:

Week 1 (March 1st-8th): Saturday March 7th #66 - By: mdubs


Nanairo Symphony - Your Lie in April

Week 2 (March 9th-16th): Wednesday March 11th #70 - By: Kinksy


Sorario Days - Tengan Toppa Gurran Lagann

Week 3 (March 16th-24th): Monday March 23rd #82 - By: mdubs


Orange - Your Lie in April

Week 4 (March 25th-31st): Sunday March 29th #88 - By: Stanlick


Hana wa Odore ya Irohaniho - Hanayamata

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